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Hifiman HE1000-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. DelsFan
    If memory serves, the SE is more efficient (another bonus?).
    96db for the SE and 90db for the v2.
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  2. chimney189
    I'm wondering if a DragonFly Red can run the SE well.. it drives the HE-1000 V2 beautifully, but it has to be at nearly max volume.
  3. dcguy73
    USPS delivered my new pair of HEKse around noon today, so they're waiting for me at home. I can't wait to try them out. Just two hours to go...
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  4. llcook51
    Travel safely. Do not damage your ears on the way home.
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  5. dcguy73
    Ha ha ha! :k701smile:

    I just have to avoid jackhammers, air raid sirens, megaphones, police cars, ambulances, and fire engines, and I'll get home safe.
  6. dcguy73
    Do you have a date/tracking number for when your pair will arrive? I'm curious because both of us sent our HE-1000v2 to Hifiman on Saturday.
  7. llcook51
    No--Actually, I did not send mine in until Monday. So they are behind yours.
  8. GU1DO
    I had the opportunity to compare between Mojo , Hugo 2 , Hugo tt2 with my H1000se and I can say that the Mojo , Hugo2 sound like toys compared to the tt2 :ksc75smile:
    Hugo tt2 with the HE1000se sound just perfect and full with enough oomph and no sibilance at all ( i am using Sony Kimber kable with my HE1000se)
    i was surprised that tt2 is warmer than Hugo 2 (as a DAC) and i wonder how the DAVE sound in comparison.

    Also i tried many other headphones on the Hugo tt2 (Utopia , LCD4 , LCD MX , HE1000v1) and i could say with confidence that the HE1000se is the winner although i liked the Utopia impactful sound so much but the HE1000se is on another level in all aspects of sound except mids.

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
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  9. auricgoldfinger
    I boost the 1k band by 1dB. This minor adjustment eliminates my perceived deficiencies of the midrange.
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  10. GU1DO
    Thanks , i will try it and see how it will sound :smile_phones:
  11. dcguy73
    (Updated on 2/14 for clarity)

    I've only had the HEKse out of the box for a few hours, but I do have some initial listening impressions when comparing them to my previous HEKv2:
    • Less laid-back, more forward sound
    • Bass is more controlled than v2 and has better attack and slam
    • Punchier sound... better suited for rock music and electronica than v2... definitely an improvement as an all-rounder pair of headphones
    • More clarity than v2... great for the jazz I've been listening to
    • Extended treble...it's definitely there but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet
    • Soundstage...it's different but I'm not sure how yet
    • Easier to drive...volume knob turned down from v2 levels
    • Midrange is a little too laid-back (I'm told it will improve as burn-in continues)
    So far, so good. I think the sound of the headphones will change as burn-in progresses. As I get used to them, I will be able to comment on the stuff I'm not sure about now. I'm using a balanced Norne Audio Draug 3 copper cable that was made for my Beyerdynamics...a very good match for the HEKse, but I will need to get it reterminated at some point.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  12. koven Contributor
    I am debating a SE and hope it pairs well w/ the DAVE. I really liked the airy V2 sound except for the treble glare/edge which led me to selling. A bit fuller/smoother and it would have been a keeper. It seems the SE remedies that.
  13. tunes
    Maybe but would consider a high quality cable to replace stock before final judgement.
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  14. chimney189
    I've never experienced a treble glare from the HEKv2.. then again I was running it out of a Liquid Carbon with a Wywires Platinum cable, and maybe that's why?
    I just sold the Liquid Carbon and purchased a Jotunheim to actually address this and hope for more energy in the treble and a bit more punch in the bass department..

    Then again, it seems inevitable that I'll be purchasing the SE considering that it fixed these issues of mine. :p
  15. dcguy73
    Near the end of my listening session last night, I picked up on a little weirdness in the mid-range -- the "perceived deficiency," as @auricgoldfinger described it in his posts (he uses an equalizer to correct it [1db boost at 1000 kHZ]). It's not a consistent issue -- with some music I noticed it, but with other music I didn't. I heard it most when I listened to songs in which the vocal was buried in the mix. In those songs, the vocal sounded as "laid-back" as the HEKv2 did, but that difference was only noticeable because the SE's sound is more forward and has greater clarity than the HEKv2. When I listened to songs in which the vocal was in front of the mix, the mid-range sounded fine.

    Again, these are my impressions on the first day with the headphones straight-out-of-the-box. There are many factors in my audio chain that may have altered the sound, and the weirdness may go away with burn-in.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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