Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

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  1. SilverEars
    RNHP probably has a fast response, but what I'm scratching my head is, why would it bide well with something like HD800 or Utopia by nature characterized as being on the analytical side. If anything else, it's pushing it to be more like it's actual character. Would't you want to loosen up those cans like those to be more musical? I know for HD800 in particular, people try to loosen it up.
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  2. sheldaze
    Ha ha!

    It is an interesting sound, in that regard. It is difficult to describe unless a person has played an instrument. It is like the dampen pedal on the piano. The note still plays, but goes back to zero sound quickly. Or hitting a drum, while also touching the surface with the other hand. You still hear the drum, but you get a quick thwack instead of a longer boom. On the bright, same could be said of the cymbals. Instead of a long (bright) decay you hear the initial cymbal strike, but the decay is quick.

    But this change is best on dynamics. On many planars, just having an ample current source is enough. I would never claim the RNHP to be a strong current source. Honestly, I think I'd take a Magni 3 instead of RNHP, if I was using a planar.
  3. Hifiearspeakers
    This might be backwards. The HEK has very little dampening which is why even putting your hands around the cups from 2 feet away still alters the sound.
  4. tuna47
    I thank you all for help guess I am staying with the jot and mojo and of course my much beloved hek v2
    Happy healthy New Years to all
  5. heliosphann
    The Wells Audio Milo pairs amazing with the HEK's (and every other planar I've thrown at it). All this talk has me really wanting to listen to my HEK's this weekend, but I just got in a LCD-MX4 in to review!
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  6. LouisArmstrong
    Anyone tried the HE1000v2 with the Leben CS300XS? It was one of the best tube amps for the LCD2 when it first came out, and I wonder whether it can do the same kind of planar magic with HE1000v2. Too bad I sold it because it could no longer drive my then new speakers (Dynaudio C4), but I still remember the good ol' tubey yet revealing sound from that combo. I think Currawong also mentioned in his v2 review that he prefers HE1000 with slightly tubey sound. And I still have all the tubes which added up to become pricier that the unit itself! :D
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  7. MacedonianHero Contributor
    The CS300XS is not a slightly tubey sounding amp....think plenty tubey sounding amp. :wink:
  8. Christer
    You mean soft and blurry?
  9. saudio7
    CS300XS is not good pair with HE1000, there are quite big distortions, at last on the version wich I owned.
  10. LouisArmstrong
    Looks like I am going to stick with my Liquid Fire with Siemens CCa tubes then...
  11. saudio7
    It is great amp especially with HD800 and quite few other headphones, but unfortunately HEk have a problem with distortion, maby impedance mismach and change of output resistor will help.
  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
  13. SteveM324
    I just placed an order for HEK v2 tonight. Does this headphone use the same cable connector as the AQ Nighthawk?
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  14. sheldaze
    The cables are often sold, listed as compatible with Sennheiser HD700, HiFiMan (new connector), and the AudioQuest Nighthawk.
  15. Axel
    I drive my HE1000v2's using the Leben CS300XS with the HE-adapter (http://hifiman.com/products/detail/84), sounds wonderful!

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