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Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jelt2359, Dec 30, 2014.
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  1. omniweltall
    Congrats Moshen. Looking forward to your comparison. 
  2. phaeton70
    me too won the free upgrade back in december, more than two months ago. unfortunately, even after many mails, I still have no informations or contact from HiFiman, only a quite generic mail from the support saying they will see what's the problem. hopefully it's just a matter of time, because I really would like to confront my HE6, my HEK v1 and my Utopia with the HEK v2.
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  3. munce31
    i'm still awaiting Hifiman as well. I was selected in early Feb..
  4. kaushama
    New cable for He1000 V2 (HEKV2) has 6 conductor hybrid geometry. 2 silver and one copper for each channel. They may have wanted to give more treble energy and slam by using silver while keeping bass quality with copper. A geometry like ALO reference 8 though the conductors in HEKV2 cable are loosely twisted inside the sheath as opposed to ALO cable having litz braid. As the cable has very thin conductors with somewhat flimsy construction, I am going to build a better cable.


    Planned geometry would be,

    • One solid core silver conductor with teflon covering twisted with OCC copper wire into one conductor channel
    • 4 such conductors braided into 4 core Litz


    Finished cable would be something like this.



    However I could even keep all 8 conductors loosely twisted as in HEKV2 cable inside a Techflex sleeve. Or keep them loosely in four groups each group having copper and silver conductor twisted.

    What would be the best way? I would compare this cable with Stefan Audioart pure copper cable and stock HEKV2 cable.
  5. john777
    @kaushama ... Very interested in your build. Please keep me informed of how you get on and what conclusions you reach. I have an ALO Audio Reference 16 which needs converting, but my eyes are bad and do not think I could manage it...
  6. LouisArmstrong
    Is the paid upgrade now in stock?
  7. ezekiel77
  8. kaushama

    Surely would do. I am waiting to get the wires and components. I would use solid pure silver wire with teflon sheathing and OCC pure copper wire. Ordered Viablue 6.3mm plugs and Eidolic Hifiman connectors. Going to use Mundorf silver solder. I am going to build two cables so that I could offer one cable to one member here, if things go fine.
    I have good cable building and DIY skills. :D
  9. fonna
    guys, sometimes I get a weird sound in my right cup, like something is dripping, its not loud at all and doesn't happen very often.. when I plug it out of my amp its there for like 2minutes before it completely disappears. has anyone had the same thing happen? is there something wrong with my HEK?

    ​Edit: i should mention ive had this since i got my hek v2 around 4 months ago..
  10. nvfan
    Im pretty sure that sound is just noisy earpad foam expanding after its been pressed down. Both my earpads make that noise after wearing it for a few minutes. If you disconnect the headphone you will find that sound continuing for 15-20 seconds even after taking it off, so its not sound being caused by the driver.
  11. fonna
    that actually makes alot of sense! thank you.
  12. LouisArmstrong
    No prob.
  13. yellowblue
    Got the V2 earpads for my V1 (don´t ask where I got them!). They ar indeed much friendlier to the skin and have a better build-quality than the V1 earpads.
    The differences in sound compared to the V1 where not as huge as expected but clearly distinctable. I drive the HE-1000 directly from my Chord Dave with Wywires Platinum cable and foam-ring mod installed. They turn the V1 in a more neutral sounding headphone with a little better instrument seperation, a tad cleaner treble, a tad less bass-extension (but better defined). I could not hear differences in soundstage (maybe as with the bass - a ted minor extension but better defined).
    I would recommend using the V2 pads with foam-ring mod or tape-mod in place. I never heard the HE-1000 V2 so I can´t compare them to the V1 with V2-pads. But I think that the V2 pads are turning the V1 in a better "allround-headphone", more involving than relaxed sounding. The gap to my Utopias decreased.
    I would stay with them if the HE-1000 V1 was my only headphone. But the HE-1000 V1 just make sense to me as a more relaxing sounding headphone beneath my Utopias. That is why I will sell the V2 earpads (you can PM me from Europe if you are interested).
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  14. ostewart
    Does anyone know how the stereo 2.5mm jack that goes in the the cup on the HE-1000v2 is wired?
    Could someone test with a multimeter please :)
  15. JaZZ Contributor
    The tip is the hot pole, the large ring at the back is the common ground, the middle ring isn't used. For the plug on the amp end: The tip is the hot pole of the left channel, the middle ring is the hot pole of the right channel, and the large ring is the common ground.
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