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Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jelt2359, Dec 30, 2014.
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  1. phaeton70
    I have ordered these for my HE6
    since they are reported to perform much better than the original.... but noticed that they are very similar in dimension to the original HEK pads.... will try them also on my HEK as soon as they arrive [​IMG]
  2. patrikh

    Scan the plastic, 3D-print more of them and you've got a business. I'd buy your pads if they turn out great!
  3. jamato8 Contributor

    For me it is. I feel the V2 corrects a few things, and brings with it even better imaging, better layering and even though the sound is large things aren't overblown. You get good imaging, layering and nice solid bass. Detail is also picked up some without it being etched or over the top. As I have mentioned, very different from my Utopia but in a good way in that you can enjoy both. Top quality sound IMO. 
  4. munce31

    I'm surprised that no one has already done exactly that for the ultrapad earpad shape.

    We'll see. I have no experience with constructing earpads..
  5. Dr. Roberts
    Thinking of purchasing the HEK V2. I like my cans on the slightly warmish side of neutral. From what I've read, the V1 has that characteristic. Obviously, HiFiMan has tweaked what Dr. Fang thought were the slight deficiencies of the original. Does the V2 noticeably change the rather warmish sound of these headphones?
  6. bosiemoncrieff
    How much does hfm charge for replacement drivers?
  7. patrikh

    Imo they shouldn't charge anything since needing them is a quality control issue. Headphones should last for decades.
  8. Maxx134
    IMO, Stock V1 unit to me needs updating but I haven't heard V2 yet to say it is the final answer.
  9. doctorjazz

    This coming from Mr HEK mods himself!
  10. Maxx134
    Also, I just stained my wood last week and it took pretty well.
  11. Toolman

    Will be interesting to see what you can come up with next... [​IMG]

    One thing I will say is HEK V1 needed a good amping, a kickass cable (preferably silver) and a good, comfortable pad like you can get in V2. I have the rest except the ear pads and it irks me to no end
  12. Maxx134
    As for amping, the Jotunheim amp was a really good pairing with the HE1000 V1 and ai bet same with V2.
  13. gto88

    will you share the picture, and how you do it.
    The V2 has a lighter color, and I like V1's color better.
    So, I might do it as you did if it is not too difficulty.
  14. gto88
    This is mainly to compare the difference of HE-1000 V1 and V2, as I promised HIFIMAN when
    I was informed I got chose to receive V2 free upgrade.
    I have owned V1 since June 2016, and have used it as main headphone.
    Not a very long time, but I'll try to share what I gather.
    This is all my personal views and opinions, take it with a grain of salt.
    My V1 has around 200 hours, and V2 is brand new out of box.
    - Look and feel:
      . first thing I notice is, the lighter wood veneer, I like dark wood veneer on V1.
      . Cup: even looks identical, but V2 pad feel's silkier at the surface where
             it touches my face.  But, I have no issue on this matter with either one.
             May be my skin is not so sensitive because of aging.
             Should start taking care of it by borrowing pricy lotion from my wife.
      . Headband: V2 has finer adjustment holes, a welcome change, comparing with V1, V2's ajustment
                  stays without changing position when on and off the headphone hanger.
                  Clamping force is fine with me.
      . weight: When in hand and put on, V2 is surely lighter, 60g makes difference.
                Both are comfortable when put on though, but in longer listening V2 is better.
                If you shake you head hard with it on, V2 will stay put better than V1, but who
                will do that other than for test it out like me.
      . cables: I like clear cables that show the wires inside, even V2 cables's sleeve is not
                completely clear, but still can see wires, and it feels softer than V1's.
                I use Norne Audio Solv X cable for HE-1000 shortly after I got my V1, since they are
                identical connectors, it is easy to just change the headphone when doing comparison.
                This is the moment to appreciate the easy on off connector comparing with those need
                to screw on.
                I did a brief comparison on the new balanced cable with Norne Audio solv X that I use
                all the time, the new stock cable is a tad brighter, and it sounds quite good IMO.
                Definitely no day and night difference if any, despite that I have used the Solv X
                for 180+ hours.

      Overall build quality is improved comparing with my V1 which is 2nd pair after exchanged for
      some minor build issues, and this new V2 has no any viewable issue.
      By the way, I have to mention that HIFIMN's excellent customer service when I contacted them
      about the V1 issue I had.

    - Sound quality:
      This is tough part, since it is said that driver is the same, but the the cup's profile
      and pad has changed.
      In my listening, it is hard to detect differences.
      - bass: Some reported better bass quantity and hit harder on V2, I tried to A/B test to confirm
              that, I tried Titanic track "Never An Absolution" which has deep bass sound starting at :55.
              Really, I couldn't tell the difference if any exists, and I tried many times back and forth.
              I also tried Taiko (big drum), Adele "Rolling in the deep", both V1/V2 have the same impact
              (as in same quantity and quality) to me.
              For many of the tracks I tried for bass comparison, only one of them which has only drum all
              over the music stage, I can hear V2 has more quantity, a very very small amount, but I am
              glad to say that I hear it too.
              Also with V2, when listening to extensive drum music I feel (not heard but felt)
              the impact is a bit stronger, how, my ear drum and ear canal get itching from the
              vibrations.  V2 does this more than V1 during the comparison.
              After 3 days intensive listening with V2, the string bass is extending a little more than V1
              with another round of A/B tests.
              Looks like there is a possibility that V2 will getting better after same burn-in period.
              But, again, the difference is tiny and need to catch it with intensive listening with
              right track of course.
      - mid and high:
              I am a bit insensitive to high pitch sound, so I tend to enjoy brighter headphone.
              When playing music like Chinese bamboo flute, they sound really sharp, but still clear
              to my ears.
              Both are same enjoyable to me.   Couldn't tell the difference on this.
      - sound stage:
              I have to say if there is difference, then I couldn't tell.
              May be I don't have the right track to test it out.
              However, I do notice that sound stage change with volume.
              With female voice, louder will make it closer to my face, lower volume moves the singer
              away to the front a few feet away from me, meant wider and deeper stage.
              But, this is the same for both V1 and V2.

       To me, the obvious difference between V1 and v2 are on construction, which mainly refines V1's issues
       that were reported by current owners.
       And the reduced weight is a welcome update which surely helps on confort zone for long time
       music enjoyment.
       I believe that some people have better or sensitive hearing might hear difference better
       with the tracks they listen.
       For me, I surely can say that both V1 and V2 are enjoyable in listening my music at same level,
       However V2 seems getting better over time with new construction.
       From my brief comparison, V1 and V2 has little difference in sound quality (NOTE, V2 is new out of box),
       I would think that it is a good idea to get V1 at current deep discount, you get same enjoyment of
       music with a better price.   Then, again, V2 is a tad better after just a few days of listening.

    Gear used for this comparison:
    L.K.S MH-DA003 DAC
    Headphone cable: Norne Audio Solv X, 9 feet, balance 4-pin XLR connector.
    Schiit Jotunheim (balanced in from DAC, and balanced out to headphone)
    PC + foobar2000.
  15. rgs9200m
    That's a very nice comparison you have written Gto. Thanks, I enjoyed it!
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