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Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jelt2359, Dec 30, 2014.
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  1. Toolman

    As an owner of both, I would say Utopia IS a replacement for HE1000, but that is just me. If you owned (or have properly auditioned) both and felt otherwise, your impression is valid but I just felt any potential buyer of either need to hear another opinion as well.

    I don't know how you come up with that sentence "complete removal of the soundstage" but that is just harsh(coming from an owner of HD800S myself) and I cannot agree with you.

    To each his own. Not starting an argument but I felt there need to put another side of owner's impression out there, that's all
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  2. froger
    I agree to Toolman on the soundstage part. While the Utopia's soundstage is a tad smaller than HE1000, the images it produces are also smaller, thus to me, the voices or instruments don't feel nearer to me on the Utopia as compared to HE1000. On top of that, due to Utopia's ability to image much clearer and sharper, you have a better idea of the placement of the voices and instruments compared to HE1000.
    I won't go as far to suggest all HE1000 owners to replace their HE1000 with Utopia, as the relaxed and liquid voicing of HE1000 is something I really enjoy on HE1000. I also find HE1000 more comfortable to wear.
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  3. Toolman
    Do you find the velour pad an irritation? I start sweating and scratching my face after just a few minutes wearing these.

    The V2 pads are so much more comfortable to wear...and all these before we even talked about any SQ improvement [​IMG]
  4. froger
    I am fine with the velour pad, but good to hear the V2 pads being more comfortable. Hopefully, they will be made available to everyone in the near future.
  5. SteveM324

    Sorry but I flat out disagree. I had the HEK and the Utopia for a weekend to try in my system. Both were loaned to me by a friend. The clear winner for me was the Utopia. The Utopia's midrange was clearly more nuanced and textured. Images within the soundstage were defined more clearly by the Utopia than the HEK. The Utopia throws a soundstage that is appropriate for the recording it's reproducing. Soundstaging is very important to me and the Utopia does it in a way that is very satisfying and I'm mainly a speaker guy. Shortly after comparing these 2 headphones, I purchased the Utopia and I have no regrets. I also own the SR-009 and the HD800 so for reference I have 2 other headphones that are known for their soundstaging. The Utopia by no means sounds closed in.
  6. zolkis
    I'd be interested if there is any reason keeping the HD800 once you have the Utopia? I can understand why you would keep the 009 though :). The Utopia sounded as you described, except to me it sounded dry-harder in the upper mids when compared to my Stax 007 and 009 and my speakers. What amp are you using with the Utopia?
  7. SteveM324

    I'm using my Luxman P700u most of the time to drive the Utopia. I haven't tried the Utopias on my Master 9 yet, but I plan to in the next day or two. At this time, I don't think there is a reason to keep my HD800 since getting the Utopia but I don't want to make any rash decisions. I'll probably keep it around for a while and then make a decision to sell or not. I don't hear the dry hardness in the upper mids that you speak of on the Utopia. That said, I still like my Harbeth M40.1 speakers better than any headphone that I've ever owned or listened to.

    Also, I don't want anyone to get the impression that I didn't like the HEK when I listened to it. I think it's a nice relaxing and non fatiguing listen and very comfortable. I found it to be a bit lacking in impact though. Perhaps the v2 will improve the impact of this fine headphone.
  8. musicman59
    I agree with you Steve. The Utopia and the HEK are very good headphones but IMO very different in their tone and presentation that is why for me is worth to keep both in my collection.
    I did a quick comparison between the HEK v1 and v2 during RMAF using a the new DanaTone amp. To me is clear that the v2 is a little brighter. I would need to spend more time with the v2 but based on first impression I personally prefer the more relax presentation of the v1. If I want something with more impact and detail then I go to my Utopia. 
  9. SteveM324

    Thanks again Jose for letting me borrow your headphones! :)
  10. jamato8 Contributor

    You need to try the HE1000V2. The Utopia and the V2 are very different, I would agree. But they are different enough as to give two different views of the music and the V2 is a step up from the V1. Better imaging, bass and layering. It is worth a listen. 
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  11. john777

    I'll wait for that then...
  12. SurFi
    Based on your experience between the two versions, and given that it's really a call that only I can make, do you feel that it is worth the $650 upgrade fee from the V1?
    I've been holding off on a decision: selling the V1, keeping it and modding it, or doing the FB bow and going with the upgrade offer.
  13. bosiemoncrieff
    I'm interested in V2 because V1 had such significant fit issues. Also, this will help V1 plummet in price...
  14. artemart
    Does any one know what Hifiman is using to coat their HE-1000 drivers?
  15. munce31
    Has anyone thought of creating their own earpads for the HE-1000?
    Since my existing earpads are a bit deformed, I figured it might be time to buy replacements. At the same time I could take apart my old ones and use the plastic frame as a basis for a DIY set of earpads. Design them with a bigger taper between the front and rear of the pads.
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