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Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jelt2359, Dec 30, 2014.
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  1. wuwhere Contributor
    Unfortunately, all the impressions here are only with the EF-1000. I guess HiFiman does not want it paired with other amps yet.
  2. money4me247 Contributor

    well if it needs 8W to sound best... what other options are there?
  3. wuwhere Contributor
    I don't think it needs 8 watts. I'm just saying that the EF-1000 hp out can output up to 8 watts.
  4. DVass13
    Well if these are as comfortable/more comfortable than the HE-560 (which I'm guessing they will be), I might have to give them a try with my Rag. I've been looking for something more comfortable to replace my LCD-X.
  5. mrtim6
    Does anyone know the approximate dimensions of the HEK and the dimension of the HE6?
  6. up late

    me too
  7. n3rdling
    The side by side comparison to the Orpheus from the get-go is an obvious marketing ploy to get people to start equating this headphone with what's generally considered the best HP ever.  I'll believe it when I hear it.  Everytime a new headphone comes out, it gets compared to stuff way more expensive the first few months until the hype wears down.  Very few HPs retain their initial status.  The LCD-2 was supposed to be the SR-007 mk1 killer and that didn't pan out, the TH900 was supposed to be the new R10 and that didn't pan out, the PM-1 was supposed to be the HD650 on steroids and that didn't pan out, etc.  I'll give these a listen and hopefully the treble is passable unlike most orthos where it's either shelved off (Audeze, Oppo, some older ones), or just nasty (HE-6, Abyss, etc).
    I'd like to hear more about this "nanometer diaphragm" - how many nanometers are we talking?
    Sorrodje likes this.
  8. wuwhere Contributor
    Also what metal do they use for the traces? HE-6 uses gold.
  9. CanDude
  10. kiikasi
    They aren't huge, she's just tiny :wink: (And a total babe)

    I think the headphones look damn sexy too! They will fit just fine on my huge noggin :)
  11. moodyrn
    I was right there with you until the comment of the he6 having nasty treble[​IMG]. But overall, I agree. Which is why I hinted around to that in my previous post. Quiet a few cans have debuted in the last couple of years being compared to cans that have legendary status. And imo, most of them did fall short of their initial claims. But hey, you really can't blame the manufacturers for over hyping their products. At the end of the day, they are still trying to make money. Now if many fall prey to the hype machine, then we can only blame the consumers. It wasn't long ago when a 400.00-600.00 can was considered highend(hd650, dt880/990, k701 etc.) Now you will find threads of people calling 1000.00 cans midfi cans.The days of 1000-1500.00 new flagships may be all but over unfortunately. Especially when you look at what the oppo flagship cost given their performance. Imo of course.
  12. up late

    ot but i didn't have a problem with the he-6's and abyss's treble. agree about the audeze tho.
  13. magiccabbage
    Hopefully the Wa5 which I bought recently would be a good match with the right tubes. 
  14. dreamwhisper
    The fad of spending 1000-1500 on a flagship could easily be driven by the Beats craze and people spending $300 on a bad headphone. 
    If $300 is the price of an old flagship then $700-1000 doesn't seem like all that much.
    So, if we see Beats and their 60% of the market go up in price, I think it will be a good indication that the next flagships will be considerably higher.
  15. Revogamer
    Everyone has their own views and opinions and they are just that - everyone should just enjoy their respective phones' 
    Then everyone can try the new HE1000 themselves and decide if that suits their tastes too. :)
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