HIFIMAN HE-R10P Loaner Tour
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Sep 17, 2012
We know many of you have been curious about the HE-R10P since it was first previewed in China some months ago. Normally by now many of you would have gotten the chance to experience it by now for yourselves at one of the many Head-Fi shows but as this is 2020, that has not been possible. Thus, we have decided that the only way to put pay to rampant speculation and let people have a listen is to offer a loaner tour.

The HE-R10P is the culmination of years of quiet research, engineers working away, toiling in the background have been slowly but surely perfecting the use of a Planar driver (which HIFIMAN is famed for) in a closed back design. Up until now almost all Planar designs have been open back only as there are so many inherent sound reflection issues, that was until now…….

The HE-R10P features large earcups made of cherry wood that provide the necessary breathing room with substantial spatial volume and output which offer the best of both closed and open-back designs. Each cup is adorned with a CNC carving that marries wood and aviation-grade aluminum with both elegance and style. This allows for a closed headphone and the isolation such a design brings yet makes no compromises on sonic performance.


If you are, then we welcome you to take part in the tour by leaving your details below. We will need to know where about in the world you are so please post your location, city, state, country, so that we can arrange the tour efficiently. If you could also include something about your audio past and maybe any review example links you have carried out previously. For the time being, logistics demand that we are only able to consider applicants located in either North America or in Europe. If and when you are selected and are next in line, we will contact you via PM on Head-Fi where we will ask for your contact information and give any required information.

In exchange for participation we do ask a couple of things. First is that you be aware time will be limited so you may only get a week or two with it (depending how popular the tour becomes) and that you make a couple of posts. When you First, get it post something with your initial impressions, something short with maybe a pic or two will do and then, once you have had time with it, post a review of the HE-R10P. We know you aren’t all reviewers so something short will be okay, we just want you to let others know what you think of it. Pretty easy stuff.

T&C’s You must be located within Europe or the US, or Canada. We will decide who is offered to take part, what order anyone is offered and for how long. We are likely to prioritise those who have more extensive review histories. Those offered participation will be contacted via Head-Fi by PM, if you don’t respond after a couple of attempts you will forfeit your place. If you are unable to take part when we contact you, you may ask to postpone your offer, that should be fine. Should you not post a review it will be noted and is likely to affect participation in future Loaner Tours. Before shipping onward your review unit, please take a photo or two of it so that we can see it was in good condition when it left you. This is to prove any damage wasn’t you, should UPS/DHL/FEDEX decide to play football with it. For shipping we will provide you with a shipping label, in situations where we cannot, we will expect you to ship onward and we will then reimburse you via paypal once you show us a receipt.
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@ Helsinki, Finland.
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Long Island, New York

My review of the Focal Stellia

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Northport New York, USA
Very interested! massariaj@yahoo.com
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Sign me up please 😃
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