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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
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  1. wuwhere Contributor

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  2. rlawli
    I prefer my Threshold 400A, factory upgraded to e Series specs, with an LDR passive preamp between the 400A and source.
  3. Skyhawk182
  4. Oregonian
    Cerwin Vega DX-5 June 2019.jpg Here's what I ran my HE-6 off of................and now my HE-6SE - straight from the speaker taps. 250 wpc of vintage power.............
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  5. vlach
    Love that power amp!
    So how do you hook up the headphones...is there some kind of inline resistor between the headphones and speaker taps?
  6. Oregonian
    No resistors whatsoever. I once tried the HiFiMan resistor box a few years ago and clearly noticed the sound degradation compared to straight from the taps.

    You get a speaker tap connector to XLR and plug the supplied HFM cable to it.

    The Spec 1 preamp handles any issues with volume knob issues that would be prevalent (too touchy, etc.).
  7. cskippy
    It's best to run directly off the taps on the Spec 2 since the HP out has 150 Ohms resistors for each channel

    I found the service manual for Spec 1/2 system:
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  8. vlach
    Interesting...maybe i should hook up my HE-500 directly to the speaker taps of my CR-2020...i think the headphone output has 120 ohm resistors. What do you think?
  9. vlach
    Can you recommend such a connector?
  10. cskippy
    Yeah, just be careful with the volume.
  11. Oregonian
    Here's a pic of it. I got three of these made by Ted @ Headphone Lounge - outstanding service and quality.

    Speaker tap connection.jpg
  12. Oregonian
    That's really interesting. Good info..................
  13. vlach
    Perfect, i will get myself one and find out for myself, thank you!
  14. Mawrchi
    Has anyone tried the He-6 through a Bryston 3B3? I have the amp for my speaker setup, but wondering if it's worth getting an adapter to try with these.
  15. cskippy
    Why not just give it a try? Adapters are relatively cheap and I know some crazies who run HE-6 of 250W+ no problem. Just be careful with the volume and connect HE-6 to the adapter after everything is turned on and disconnect before powering down with no music playing.
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