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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. jarnopp
    How does it sound compared to all velour or all p/leather?
  2. Silent One
    Same issue and I tired early of it! Nearly and verbally almost broke my silence - calm & mystery ruled the night, no profanity spoken. Immediately grabbed my mobe and called Florida (Wireworld) for a custom cable and then had my dealer (Aphrodite Cu29) hardwire my '6.'
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  3. Bonesy Jonesy
    I have had no issues with my CustomCans cable's screwed connection to my HE6's and I only screwed them hand tight !
  4. Keithpgdrb
    The old hifiman connectors dont move much at all when screwed on.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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  5. Bonesy Jonesy
    100% agree with you "Keithpgdrb"
  6. hawkhead
    I use a spanner (gently) to tighten them - they don't move
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  7. ufospls2
  8. heliosphann
    Listening to my modded 4-screw right now with the @DekoniAudio Fenestrated Sheepskins and Elite Hybrids. I'd been using some ZMF Ori's with some felt dampening, but I think the thinner, less deep pads work better overall on the HE-6.

    The 4-screws are of course a little brighter than the 6's and while I'm not super sensitive to treble, they can get a little fatiguing after awhile. The Elite Hybrids really seem to open the 6's up and give them a airy, yet detailed presentation. The highs are right in that sweet spot and it feels like I can listen to them for hours without issue. Bass quantity and impact does suffer slightly, but that's expected with these pads. The soundstage and imaging are just fantastic with the Hybrids. The presentation is very expansive and cohesive. Finally the comfort of the Hybrids is outstanding. Probably one of the most comfortable I've tried on the HE-6's.

    Onto the Fenestrated Sheepskins. These are rather easy to compare to the Hybrids. It's basically like turning the knob to 11 and hold onto something. Bass response/quantity increases and soundstage isn't quite as big, so everything sounds more in your face. Treble is extended, right to the point where it was pushing my comfort levels. I listen to music rather loud (probably too loud) so this might not be a problem for some, but I'd probably get fatigued during extended listening sessions. Still, there's something to be said about the visceral quality this brings out of the HE-6's. Comfort is decent, but not nearly as good as the Hybrids or the thicker Ori's.

    Overall I really liked both sets of pads and will probably just interchange them depending on what mood or music I'm listening to. Of course the quality is top notch and the included mounting rings are actually better than stock HiFiman rings. Wish I would have went ahead and got the regular Sheepskins and Velours, but even through Massdrop they aren't cheap. Perhpaps @DekoniAudio can send me them so I can do a full write-up and comparison? :)

    Also I can throw these on any of the early HiFiMan headphones (HE-5,HE-5LE,HE-4,HE-400,HE-500) if anyone wants to know how they sound.
  9. Drrizzt
    My he-6 has arrived in china for more than 20 days, and i still wait for them to fix my dead driver.

    It's getting long. Their e-mail service doesn't look very professionnal.
  10. ltanasom
    thinking about getting used he-6. however, worried about thier durability. Seem that many experienced driver failure. Any advice on their durability?
  11. rlawli
    Had mine since January 2011 with no durability issues of any kind while using them with every SS and tube amp I could get my hands on including one based on an ICE 1,000ASP. I have, however, always been very careful with start up, shut down and volume.
  12. ltanasom
    Thank you.
  13. LarsHP
    I can say basically the same as rlawli. Had it since 2012 and no issues at all.

    Those who have blown a driver usually have done it while having HE-6 attached to a very powerful (more that 100W in 8 Ohm) stereo amplifier.
  14. lawrence2357
    Another person using 1000asp, I thought I was the only person crazy enough :) how did you find it?
  15. Drrizzt
    I see that hifiman didn't replace my dead driver on arrival, they still have trace from a previou fuzzor mod on them. Weird thing is that it was the right driver died, now thats the left that's stopped working.

    What did they do *** ? just switch the drivers ?!?
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