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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. LarsHP
    So you confirm my point.

    If you compare a headphone with the pads mounted with clips and then compare it to sealed pads with sticky double sided tape, there will be a remarkable difference in bass level.

    I had LCD2 v2 while having HE-6. I sold LCD-2 v2 because it was inferior to HE-6 (with Audeze "vegan" pads) in all imaginable ways - except bass. Later I have changed from vegan pads to HM5 pleather pads and the difference in bass amount and quality as well as punch and dynamics is substantial - if not dramatic.
  2. Rhamnetin
    I did try double sided tape with ZMF Universe pads and while the seal was tight (I used very thin double sided tape), it wasn't what I would call a perfect seal and the sound was underwhelming (bass was still lighter than with the FocusPad-A on rings).
  3. Bonesy Jonesy
    I have the opposite experience with my HE6 i.e. plenty of bass slam that was also solid and clear not like the LCD2 (non fazor) I used to own some years ago which although had a nice warm bass was also not as much impact and on the woolly side. Stax 009's had good clear bass but no where near the impact of the HE6.
  4. Bonesy Jonesy
    100% agree A+
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  5. firegon
    Woah wrong thread. But since I'm here:
    I've been sending Code 6 to friends who didn't necessarily like the stock HE-6 and all of them said: They are sooooooooo much better :k701smile:
    Funny, because I love both, stocks with auteur pads and lffs with auteur pads. And I use them for different genres. Stocks for classical, LFFs for rock/metal/various other vocal based genres.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
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  6. LarsHP
    I take it that it wasn't the perforated version (which probably would leak bass in itself). If you don't get a 100% airtight seal the headphone will loose some bass. Talking about it, it comes to my mind that I have also sealed the driver to the cup with self adhesive paste (Blu-tack / Pritt).

    If you still have any of the Audeze headphones, you can actually feel how they are 100% airtight when you push on the cups while wearing them and then pull: your eardrum will be pushed in and sucked out while doing this little test. (At least, that happened with my LCD-2 v2 and when I tested the LCD-3.)

    Anyway - you have sold both your HE-6 and Audeze cans if I have understood you profile correctly.
  7. Rhamnetin
    Yeah I think blu-tack would have been needed with the HE-6. I have indeed sold both but I noticed what you said about the pads on the LCD-4. I think they are glued on that model?
  8. bosiemoncrieff
    has the he-6 "s" or whatever it is been heard by anyone yet?
  9. LarsHP
    I don't know about LCD-4, but LCD-2 v2 and LCD-3 obviously has it's pads sealed with extremely sticky and soft double sided "tape".

    When I bought the "vegan" pads, I got two rings of this glue-like double sided tape (with a kind of slippery paper on each side), so I know it isn't glue, and neither ordinary double sided tape, but something in between. In fact, it is so soft and sticky that you would think it is glued on.
  10. bagwell359
    Someone in the HE6-SE thread said they were supposed to get them early in the week, and write up a review when they had a chance. As of about 24 hours ago I couldn't find a single review anywhere on google (outside of the HFM release notes posing as reviews).
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  11. LarsHP
    Judging by the way the SE-edition is described, it's the same driver, but with new headband, connectors, cable and cups.
    It should sound pretty much like the original model if this is true.

    " Enhancements

    For starters, a newly designed headband is lighter and more adjustable for increased comfort and a natural fit for hours of uninterrupted listening. As with all new HiFiMan products, the HE6se features 3.5mm headphone connectors that are angled at 10°, thereby lessening the pressure points associated with straight-angled connectors. These pressure points sometimes stress the connection, but the new design ensures a solid, reliable, and long-lasting link between the headphone and the cable. In addition to updating the connector and headband, HiFiMan elevated the aesthetic appeal of the original by adding a new gunmetal gray satin finish that is elegant and visually appealing. The new HE6se maintains the original model’s exceptional sonic characteristics, in particular, it’s wide and natural soundstage that puts the listener in the best seat in the house. Imaging and depth are neutral, staying true to the artist’s and producer’s intended sound. Like many of the finest full-size loudspeakers, the HE6se headphone requires a powerful amplifier to drive it. To this end, HiFiMan includes its HE6 adapter with the new model, making it easy to connect the HE6se to nearly any currently available power amplifier.

    HE6se Product Specifications
    Weight: 502 grams/17.7 ounces
    Frequency response: 8Hz-65kHz
    Sensitivity: 83.5dB
    Impedance: 50 Ohm "

  12. bosiemoncrieff
    And $500 more, because what's more innovative than lining Fang Bian's pockets?
  13. Happy Camper
    These designer/manufacturers aren't in this for invention or ego. They are in it for money. Hell, that's why this forum is here. The hobbyist makes it sound dirty and that's sad. I've been guilty of it myself. I see headphone amps today that are speaker amps in a pretty box with glowing LEDs and gilded switches selling for multiples of times more than an equally or better performing speaker amp at much less cost.
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  14. LarsHP
    If we look at the "package" of the HE6se, it includes the HE-adapter box worth $99 and the cable is $250 more (if the spare parts in the HiFiMan shop are the same as the original parts). In other words, apart from the updated design including headband and connectors, the HE6se has added value of $349. In that context $500 extra isn't that bad.
  15. Clemmaster
    Nobody cares for the adapter box nor the cable that feels like a bad condom.

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