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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. Keithpgdrb
    If that’s USD. It’s actually about right if it’s an improvment over the original. Which I doubt. The original was 1K
  2. Silent One
    @ Benny-x : : thanks for sharing in my adventure

    @ wuwhere : : digging' your collection of gears. especially that credenza.
  3. jarnopp
    More like $1200, wasn’t it?
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    When it first came out, it was priced about 1K for the first month, I think, then went up after. I paid 1K for mine.
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  5. Rhamnetin
    Pfft, even at $1,299 I wouldn't think an HE-6 is a good value anymore. Not abysmal though, an understandable price. But $1,799? Forget it.
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  6. KG Jag
    I paid $666 from Audio Advisor for an HE-6. It was supposed to be a demo but arrive in an unopened box. That was a demonic value.

    My other HE-6 was a couple $100 or so more but well under $1,000.
  7. omniweltall
    I got mine for $650 too about 1.5 years ago. But it was a very lightly used one. Condition was like new.
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  8. wuwhere Contributor
    That is not a deal! That's a steal! :o2smile:
  9. LarsHP
    Exactly. There was an introduction offer, but the original retail price was USD 1199. Later HiFiMan changed the prices for HE-500 (down $200) and HE-6 (up $100).
  10. wuwhere Contributor
    Yes. Like I posted in the HE-6Se thread:

    "I'm a current owner of a 4-screw vintage HE-6. Bought it new in Nov. 2010. Some people have complained that it is bright. Not so with me. It is only bright if the amp, DAC and sources are bright. I'm using a Linn Klout solid state speaker amp (http://www.audioreview.com/product/amplification/amplifiers/linn/klout.html), a Bel Can Pre2P solid state preamp (http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/belcanto_pre2p.htm), an Exogal Comet DAC (http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/exogal-comet-digital-to-analog-converter/) and an Oppo BDP-95 transport."
  11. LarsHP
    We agree. HE-6 doesn't need super beefy speaker amps to avoid sounding anemic / light / bright (as long as the output impedance is very low). I feel confident that if people seal pads like ZMF Ori or Brainwawz HM5 leather / protein leather to the cups, then (almost) nobody will find HE-6 light sounding. Some might even find HE-6 to sound a bit dark with certain amps and/or DAC's.
  12. hawkhead
    I remember (when they first came out) complaints about brightness but I was thinking it just puts back the treble that the LCD-2 left out (and I hated those and sold them within days)
  13. Clemmaster
    I don't think fake leather and cheap plastic are subject to tariffs?
    Plus the diaphragm is so mega super thin that it won't cost much!
  14. wuwhere Contributor
    I almost bought the LCD too over HE-6 until somebody commented 'where's treble'.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018
  15. Bonesy Jonesy

    " I am listening to my HE6 (purchased about 2 weeks ago from a UK Headphone company as ex-demo headphones) connected to the HiFiMan Adapter Box which is linked to my Chord Electronics Choral Mezzo 140 amp. The Mezzo is connected to my Chord Electronics Choral Prima Pre-amp which is connected to my Chord Electronics Choral QBD76 DAC which is connected to my Chord Electronics Choral MKI Blu CD Transporter. It sounds amazing for all genres of music. I want to listen to music all the time through this set-up. I have listened to music through the HE6's for +2 hours with no discomfort at all. I'm enjoying the music that much I forget I'm wearing headphones. The great thing about this hifi system setup is I can also listen to music or the TV through speakers as well.
    Before having the HE6's, I had the BHSE and 009's linked to my QBD76 DAC and MKI Blu CD Transporter. The sound was great but I found the detail and sparkly trebles a bit too much for long listening periods and kept analyzing the music all the time rather than just enjoy the music and sound as I am now able to do with the HE6's.

    The Bass from the HE6's is also far superior than the BHSE & 009's. The system I now have is also easier to live with (easier to dust and doesn't get as hot as the BHSE) and looks great in the Chord Choral rack. I don't have to bother with tubes either. Also as well as the big plus of also having a speaker system I can also use different high impedence headphones too.

    I liked the BHSE and 009's very much, but with the system I now have, I don't feel I am missing anything musically, in fact I like the sound more now, plus I had extra funds to spend after selling the BHSE and 009's which helped towards financing the Mezzo 140 and the new speakers (will buy the Focal Electra 1008 Be's). I also have a full Chord Choral (with two Mezzo 140's mono-blocked) speaker (Focal Electra 1038 Be's) system in Spain and playing the smaller version of the Chord Choral system in the UK through the HE6's the Chord Electronics Choral sound signature is still there as I hear in Spain.

    So all in all I am very happy switching to the HE6's with no regrets at all. "
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