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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. iliketowrap19

    Still waiting on the technics receiver

    I also want to note that I like the feel and look of the stock velour pads.
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  2. iliketowrap19
    What the hell.... my left driver just went out on the He-6....
  3. jerick70
    So sad to hear. RIP @iliketowrap19 HE-6....

    I hope Hifiman can repair them.
  4. iliketowrap19
    Yea... the stuff about quality control is really true about the HE-6. It went out a little for like a brief second a few days ago when I was still running it with the R2R11. I've been really cautious about how much power I feed it with a technics receiver that arrived but was listening to a song not too much power, tried to up the bass, and pop it goes out.... If I get this repaired I'm most likely going to sell it.
  5. LarsHP
    Sorry on your behalf. Several people in this thread have blown the driver this way.

    I think this is the reason why HiFiMan made the HE-adaptor: To avoid blowing drivers when using a speaker amp.
  6. iliketowrap19
    Have people gotten it repaired and how much does that usually cost?
  7. jerick70
    Yes it is. I purchased a new pair of NOS HE-6s from Amazon. They came with a huge gouge in one of the ear cups. It took Hifiman quite a while to find a replacement pair under warranty.

    HifiMan's customer service is excellent though. They offered a pair of HEXs and a pair HE1000s. I didn't want to spend more though.
  8. iliketowrap19
    How much would a broken pair sell for. I'm really upset about this and don't want to deal with the headache of dealing with customer support.
  9. jerick70
    I'm not sure on the amount you'll be able to get for them. The problem you have is the drivers are all matched. So you can't pull one driver out of a set of HE-6s and use it in another set and get good results. I would just contact Hifiman and have them take care of it. http://hifiman.com/services
  10. LarsHP
    I think if you search this thread that it is already mentioned here.
  11. wuwhere Contributor
    I almost blew mine using a 60wpc tube speaker amp. I believe the parallel resistors protected it. There were head-fiers who blew theirs and got repaired, but this was when it was still being manufactured.
  12. Oregonian
    I blew a driver on my first pair from the headphone out...............not loud.................just not sure what really caused it. After the fix from HFM I started using them from the speaker taps of my Spec 1 pre/Spec 2 amp (250wpc) first with the HFM box (which I did not like at all) and then direct - fortunately never had another problem with either that headphone or my second one. To be honest, these random failures was a key reason I kept trying to find a headphone I liked as much as the HE-6 (which I did find) - the reliability issue concerned me and even more so whether HFM was going to support these amazing headphones for long. So far they seem to be.
  13. KG Jag
    HFM is renown for quality control and reliability issues with their headphones. For example they had recall the entire initial version of the HE-560 and had major problems with headphone yoke late last year and early this year with the later version of that same model. However, I have not seen that the HE-500 and/or HE-6 are particularly trouble prone--and certainly not relative to other HFM products.
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  14. hanouk
    what pads are you using with your HE-6 ?
    From what I've heard, velour pads are good and prefered over the pleather ones.
    As for other pads, Audeze Vegan are often recommended but unfortunately not available anymore.
  15. LarsHP
    Vegan pads were popular a few years ago, but I don't see people recommending them anymore. I used to have Vegan pads on my HE-6, but after trying leather (or protein leather) pads with memory foam, I have never even considered going back. Of course it depends on what you value most, so if large sound stage and airy sound is top priority, then velour / micro suede will be a better choice. If you one the other hand want the best and most sub bass as well as punch, then go for leather / pleather with memory foam. I have put thick cloth on top of my (protein) leather pads which gives me both the best of both types.

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