HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. Rossliew
    That’s a very good strategy :wink:
  2. Ithilstone
    Well most of vintage amps as opposed to new designs does not have a dedicated HP circuit just padding resistors and socket connect directly to speakers outputs so if you remove resistors you will have benefit of speaker taps without the need for extra cables. Just do not fry regular headphones as not many dynamic HP can handle speaker taps (well K1000 can hehe)
  3. chowmanfu
    Who always tempts me forward are Stevie Wonder and Sun Ra. What were people hearing on their Stevie and Sun Ra vinyls? I want to hear, too!

    But I won't ever have those vinyls. I can only obtain digitally.

    Who does Quincy Jones like?

    And so,

    I explore my HE6, because few will say who inspires.
  4. Rossliew
    I Used to have a SX1280 and it drove the bejesus out of my HE6 from the headphone jack.

    Now I have a NAD3020 and drive my more modest HD600 and T1 off the speaker taps with no issues. However the gain may be too much at times.
  5. rlawli
    Whatever amp/receiver you use, if you connect to its speaker taps be sure your gain/volume control is minimized before you power up any of your equipment.
  6. preproman
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  7. Benny-x
    Sucks, eh?

    I had it shipped to my brother's office, then planned on bringing it with me when I swag through a couple months later. Unfortunately my brother's company was bought out and the amp got stuck in limbo. He got it back unharmed, but by then I'd moved and it was too big to bring with me. I have seen it once, but in a month's time will be the first time I could hook it up.

    I should celebrate considering the amount of BS I had to go through on the front end. I also straight up had a pair of McIntosh MHP1000s stolen from the same warehouse when the company got sold. Between them, I'm lucky it was the headphones that got stolen and not the amp.
  8. Keithpgdrb
    Has anyone tried those dekoni pads that show up on mass drop? They look perfect
  9. jerick70
    Yes. I have the TH900 premium pads on my HE-6 and they are excellent. Nice bass and treble.
  10. Keithpgdrb
    I actually like the sound of the stock platter. But not the feel
  11. jerick70
    The Dekoni pads sound better than the stock pads IMO.

    The Dekonis are a little stiff. They use memory foam so they have a lot of resistance on the ear and head. Very comfortable, much more so than the stock. I can wear my HE-6s for hours using these pads.
  12. hemipowered007
    Have you guys tried the 1540 Alcantra pads on the he6? Works real well with the he4, and very comfortable. Also, speaking of pioneer sx series, this particular amp has a very special sound sig, but I would grab a 1250/1280/1980 in a heartbeat if they weren't so overinflated pricewise these days. A gem from yesteryear that started the 100wpc game was the sx1010, really warm sound almost tube like in nature, something to look out for if you're in the market for a vintage pioneer. Same goes for sa900 power amps, and the spec1/spec 2 rack systems. I can vouch for the 1010 on planars, really makes the he4 sing, so the he6 pairing should be great as well. Hoping to grab an he6 one of these days. IMG_1120.JPG
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  13. jarnopp
    I have the Dekoni elite velour pads for M50x/Beyerdynamic DT from Massdrop, and they fit fine and sound best of the pads I’ve tried (stock, Alpha, HM5 sheepskin, Dekoni sheepskin). The least smearing of image and best soundstage.
  14. Jozurr
    The Dekoni TH900 sheekskin pads are some of the best for the HE-6.
  15. jarnopp
    Jozurr, have you tried the Dekoni velour? How do you compare them to the sheepskin?

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