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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. Armaegis
    Same. On the one hand, I'll be sad. On the other hand, I'll be excited to move into regular headphone land that doesn't require stupid power amps. On the third hand, that will start the vicious cycle all over again.
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  2. TomSix
    I think thoughtful gear modification/experimentation is great, but as far as the two main TOTL phones I presently own and use regularly, The HE-6 and the HD800, I feel quite content leaving them stock. The performance I get from both I find quite satisfying when paired with good tube amplification.
    What I have been meaning to do, however, is get a nicer cord for the HE-6. The feel and quality of the stock HE-6 cord is, IMO, a little on the marginal side for an otherwise decently constructed headphone.
    Also: I conjecture that perhaps some of the specific design elements of the HE-6 which are key to it's unique sonic virtues result also in its characteristic lowish sensitivity as compared to the majority of headphones. 
    I further suspect that other manufacturers may be hesitant to now pursue a similar (to the HE-6) engineering path when designing planar headphones due to a possible bias against designing a product of similar lowish sensitivity, which may be viewed as a negative as far as marketability/ public reception is concerned. And so, perhaps it is not very likely we'll see another planar headphone with quite the same virtues as the HE-6 come onto the market any time soon.
    At any rate, we'll have to wait and see. New headphone amps with decent drive capability are continuing to arrive on the market, and so maybe lowish sensitivity might not be viewed quite as negatively in the public mind at some near point.  In tandem, there is definitely something of a performance "arms race" going on between manufacturers given that planars are "hot" right now, and so???
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  3. ohhgourami
    It's why I have 2 pairs.
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  4. Benny-x
    The new HiFiMAN Edition 6 goes back to the low sensitivity and needing a high powered amp combo of the HE-6. That headphone is schedule to come out maybe some time this year, though it's also part of that "arms race" you mention and is priced at $6000USD. I'm not sure if that includes the amp with it or not, but even if it doesn't that still means the headphone will cost ~$3-4000USD.
    Anyway, I'm a fan of the inefficient HE-6s, and like ohhgourami said above, maybe they're worth keeping an eye out for a second pair...
  5. TomSix
    Very interesting --thanks for the info on the upcoming Edition 6.  So maybe it is effectively a "super" updated version of the HE-6?
  6. KewlMunky
    The Edition 6 has apparently been renamed SUSVARA, according to Hifiman's Facebook post for CanJam Singapore 2017.
  7. LancerFIN
    I have no doubts about good speaker amplifier sounding better than headphone amplifier with the HE-6 but driven with Master 11 the HE-6 already outclasses many other TOTL headphones. I really haven't heard a pair of headphones that would make me sell my HE-6. If I could afford it I would certainly get different headphones to complement the HE-6 but none would replace it.
  8. Astral Abyss
    That sounds more like a $6k headphone.  [​IMG]
  9. sanjeewasam

    I have HE6 for a shot period with 6 mods (all the best recommended mods including direct hard cabling without connectors at the headphone end and grill removed). I ran it via Violectric V281 and V850, V281 is not a speaker amp but a almost the most powerful SS amp for all types of headphones (German made). I checked with a very long term HE6 user who had many amps including V281, Neo 430 and keep a Power amps only for HE6 and in his view you would not miss much with HE6 +V281.

    I did like HE6 a lot and more than LCD2, K712, HD800, Elear and HE560. But now I got HE1000. I know HE6 has more punch but HE6 for me no where as musical as HE1000. HE6 laid back and punchy and very good sonic characteristics but HE1000 has everything but mostly- MUSICAL MUSICAL and MUSICAL.

    I know lot of people here in HE6 thread says it is more punchy etc then why not use speakers themselves if that is the main driver?
  10. LancerFIN

    Laid back? I have assumed that laid back usually means very recessed treble. In my view headphones like the LCD-2 are laid back because lack of treble.
  11. Astral Abyss
    Yeah that's the first time I've heard the HE-6 referred to as laid back.  Mine certainly are anything but.
  12. jerick70
    Just got my HE-6s back from an RMA replacement. I'm trying to decide if I should sell me Burson Conductor V2+ / Burson Timekeeper separates and purchase a different preamp / Poweramp combo that will run my HE-6 better. Do you think I can do better? What are your recommendations?
  13. sanjeewasam
    Ok laid back may not be the correct term. What I mean in comparison to HD800 and K812 it is easier on highs. Base is punchy but not troubling punchy. Mids are good. Compared to Elears much less dynamic. HE6 perform in mids, lows and highs almost evenly and does not force you to concentrate like Elear or HD800 (you get headache if you do not with those). So I could just relax even at night and enjoy music- more musical than most gear. That is what I meant by laid back.

    But HE1000 for me have more details, clarity, bigger sound stage, OK punch, good mids and highs and also dynamic than HE6. But despite all these it is not in your way and allow you to relax and forget about everything. Magically musical and also bit laid back not as much as HE6. HE1000 is not like HE6 or HE560 but different product altogether. You could easily say HE560 and HE6 is same family even in a blind test and HE6 is the big brother. HE1000 for me does not belong to the same family.
    Of course this is my view and on HE1000 it is the view of many including Tyll @ Inner fidelity.
  14. jerick70
    I have to agree.  The HE-6 is definitely not laid back.  But the Violectric gear can make headphones sound laid back.  I had the V200 and it was very laid back.  I didn't try it with the HE-6 though.
  15. Armaegis
    Sell the Timekeeper, get the Benchmark AHB2 and call it a day.

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