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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. KewlMunky
    So I ordered some of the aluminum trim rings to 1. keep my pads from rotating around in the cups and having to adjust them every time I wear the headphones, and 2. because I heard it can help get a better seal.
    Well, after removing the plastic one on the right side my screws no longer get any grip. The housing's threading is completely stripped. I am very upset about this as when I had my HE-300, which is a fraction of the cost of the HE-6, I took the plastic trim on and off several times and never stripped out anything. I sent them an email about it.
    Also, the aluminum trim rings aren't as thick as the plastic ones and end up sitting below the outer housing. So I'm not sure if that would really improve the seal as then there would be a gap between the trim and the plastic rings on the outer side.
  2. ohhgourami

    Sounds like you hamhandedly force the screws in without aligning the holes perfectly. I suggest shoving some blutack into the threading.
    I recommend taping the pads directly to the housing so no more free rotation. I've seen people try to use the hifiman rings to mount Vegan pads and I look at the setup with pure disappointment.
  3. KewlMunky

    Nope. I didnt have to force them in. Theypractically dropped back in after i took them out.

    I will try the taping method as i see that seems to be the most effective. I just tried my vegans on the rings and I prefered thos focus pads. Later tonight I will try to tape them on. What sort of tape is best?
  4. ohhgourami
  5. KewlMunky
    I have four rings. I thought some people taped them via wrapping tape around the housing and the pads... but maybe I'm thinking of that being done with the focus pads to improve the seal.
  6. LarsHP
    The double sided tape that comes with the Audeze pads is very strong. Once you have mounted the pads with this, they are more or less stuck there. Removing the pad will give you problems tearing the vinyl (around the pad) apart. For this reason I bought some soft, but very sticky, double sided tape and use this. I can put the pads on and off several times before the vinyl part of the pads start ripping / tearing apart.
  7. ohhgourami
    That's what picking up some lint from your T-shirt is for.
  8. Shini44
  9. Armaegis
    I've done it this way and don't think it's a terrible way to go. There's a bit of wiggle, but not terribly so. Also good for us types who hate dealing with tape and residue.
  10. jelt2359 Contributor
    I hope your HE6 is okay! Anyway, I've been using my Hegel H20 with my HD800S as well. Noise floor is a bit higher, and there's almost zero room to play with the volume knob, but the Hegel adds amazing bass, and that sense of space is just... wow. This combi is keeping me away from my HE6 and modded HE5 with the Hegel for now :D
  11. Shini44
    i remembered that it fall down from the table, before i made it open grill mod
    maybe thats why its dead
    i opened it, and the driver was (maybe) damaged, it was different than the left side, you see the yellow tissue/mesh like? it had a small opening, maybe due the fall?

    guess i will buy a new one T_T 
  12. jelt2359 Contributor
    I use glue-dots, recommended in an earlier part of the thread. Put 6-8 of them on each side (can't remember exactly). Works wonderfully, and is removable.
  13. musicbuff
    Coming up on 100 hours of burn in with the HE-6.  Noticed the mids were sounding a little reserved and the drums and cymbals were recessed.  Looking at the leather ear pads I noticed how dark the cloth was that covers the drivers.  I swapped them out for the vegan pads with a thinner driver cover and voices and instruments (especially drums and cymbals) became more transparent and present.  I just love these phones.  They are my signature sound to a fault.  Goodbye Audeze LCD-X and Sennheiser HD 800.  
  14. screwdriver

    after having the HE6 and first watt F1J - I had to sell the lcd3 , lcdx and hd800
    im using hifiman focuspads
  15. Fearless1

    Firstwatt J2 here, and I agree!

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