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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. jarnopp

    Actually, Cavalli has said the LC will do 2.8W continuous into 50ohms: http://www.head-fi.org/t/761088/new-cavalli-audios-liquid-carbon-a-599-cavalli-amp/1485#post_11607837

    This is a bit OT, so sorry. Still burning in my Liquid Carbon, but here is what I've heard so far: I've been mostly listening to HE-6s because, even though they were used, PO said they had about 200 hours on them, so I want to make sure they are broken in along with the LC. With the LC, they really can sound good. That is with Mojo at 3v line out and 3x gain with volume between 11:30 and 2:30 for fairly robust listening, which I was doing a lot of just now to prove/disprove that the LC could drive them. It sounds sweet at 11 for background listening, to me, without a loss of dynamics.

    And, let me add, I was comparing the LC to the HE-6s driven by my Odyssey Stratos Stereo Extreme amp with the Hifiman speaker adapter. This is a 70 lb., 150 w/channel amp with 2 x 400 VA transformers and 180,000 microF of capacitance. It has the goods to drive the HE-6 with authority, and it sounds fantastic, but is inconvenient for me to use it as the primary headphone amp. I would say it will require more listening, and to be fair, I have to take the preamp out of the chain or add it between the Mojo and LC for complete comparison, but aside from a slightly different sound sig (not to far off each other, actually), the LC can deliver 95-98% of the authority the Stratos does, and that is even debatable depending on how the ultimate sound sig comparison comes out after burning in and more listening.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Thats good to hear ^^ 
  3. Jozurr
    Going to start a discussion which always goes astray but here goes.
    Currently I feel the weakest link in my audio chain is the the cable on the HE-6. I'm using the Parasound Halo A21 Power amp with P3 Preamp. I use a speaker tap to XLR adapter and then the stock HE-6 cable. Now I'd like to upgrade the cable because it goes like this : Flimsy cable from driver to connector in the cups > connector > stock cable to XLR adapter > XLR adapter to speaker taps (BTG Audio). 
    I have a few options with some concerns:
    1) I go with an aftermarket cable, XLR terminated, but I still have an XLR adapter to the speaker taps, which obviously is not from the same cable, so it could lead to not having any benefit from this option.
    2) I get an aftermarket cable that is directly terminated to speaker taps, avoiding the usage of an XLR adapter. However, the wire between the connectors and the driver in the cups still feels flimsy and is different, maybe not leading to much of an improvement.
    3) I go for a hardwire all the way from drivers to speaker taps. I'm wondering if the cost is worth it and how much of an advantage this has over my current setup.
    Would love to know what you guys are using currently and what you'd suggest.
  4. Audio Addict Contributor
    Personally, I would have the cable terminated with the 4 pin xlr and have the same vendor make an adapter for the speaker termination.
  5. Mshenay Contributor
    good idea, gives you some flexability moving forward 
  6. bosiemoncrieff
    Does HE-6 prefer the Mjolnir 2 with tubes or LISST? 
  7. ohhgourami

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  8. punit
    I would go with option 2. Option 3 will be the ultimate purist approach but the associated headaches may not be worth it (what do you do if you have to send HP for repair, Difficult to re-sell etc.) , depends on you.
  9. LarsHP
    Congrats on your new amp!
    How does the Liquid Carbon compare to Master 9 (with HE-6) ?
  10. jelt2359 Contributor
    Moment of Truth right there!
  11. jarnopp

    Thanks. Looks like a great option, however I don't have the Master 9. Someone else will need to weigh in on that comparison.
  12. Hansotek
    Huh. Interesting question. Lots of folks have been asking the same question (sans the HE-6 part). I will listen and post some comparisons. I'm guessing it's going to be a lot closer than most people would think. We'll see.
  13. LarsHP
    Looking forward to your impressions! (In this thread, please.)
  14. potterma

    Got mine from Norne Audio.  Great way to go.
  15. Jozurr
    I already have a Toxic Black Widow, which I don't like much as it seems to slightly thicken the sound and add some bass heft (which I already have enough of) compared to stock, but I need to spend more time with it. Which cable are you using?
    I understand what you mean. I'm just thinking if just an aftermarket cable actually make a big positive difference on the HE-6 considering you never bypass the cables in the cup which look flimsy and the stock cable is pretty decent (Maybe even made from the same wire?). A cable can make sound more thicker (as mentioned with the Black Widow) than the cable in the cup, but I'm not sure if it makes the sound more transparent.
    Which cable did you get? Can you please post a picture of how it looks like? Please post some impressions as well if you can.

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