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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. daltonlanny
    The HE-6 is definitely more open, faster, and more transparent than LCD-2.2. but you may be somewhat disappointed in the bass of the HE-6 after getting used to the Audeze.
    The LCD-2.2 has a bass emphasis that the HE-6 does not have.
    With a powerful amp though, the bass on the HE-6 is tighter, faster, and more accurate than LCD-2.2, imho.
  2. Jozurr
    The HE-6 really shine with a lot of power and current so don't let the emotiva amp put you off. The bass on a well powered HE-6 is some of the best you'll hear.
  3. Oregonian

    100% agree.  Direct from speaker taps on my Pioneer Spec vintage system, the bass was incredible.  Visceral.  This coming from a basshead used to TH900/D7000 bass...............
  4. FredrikT92
    Should get an updated "Amps that work excellent with HE-6" list! 
  5. KewlMunky
    Have you heard the LCD-2?
  6. Tobes
    I've got the focus pads - don't like them at all (with either the HE500 or the HE6).
    I much prefer the stock velour. Personal preference I guess.
    I really can't understand this.[​IMG]
    To me they are very different sounding headphones.
    This gels pretty closely with my impressions.
    The HE6 is brighter, but the quality of the HE6 highs is also much better (and more natural/realistic) than the HE500 IMO.
    The HE500 was actually duller in the mids/upper mids than my Harbeth monitors - which most people think are on the polite side. The HE6 falls the other side of the Harbeths.
    I found the HE500 bass considerably looser and less defined than the HE6. Even driven directly off my Grace m920 (~1.5Wrms/50ohms), I preferred the bass of the HE6.
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    ugh I liked the bass on my HE 4 better than the LCD 2 Fazor imo 
  8. koiloco
    and I like the bass on my son's Beats Pro better than the HE-4, imo
  9. Jozurr

    Everyone should just assume theyre speakers and find what speaker amps are good and drive the HE-6 through them. Trying to drive the HE-6 through the headphone amps is a lost cause and similar to betting money on a slow horse. The vintage amps that are even $200-$300 drive the HE-6 much better than any headphone amp 4-5x the price at least. Agree with the TH900 comment too. Like the bass on the HE6 better.
  10. Mshenay Contributor
    an that's fine!
    To say that the LCD 2 is always going to have better bass than the HE 6 or any other can is a closed minded view. I found the Fazor LCD 2 to be very slow, with a lot of my EDM the HE 4 had a MUCH faster an much more visceral wobble, while the LCD hit hard an deep, it had to much decay. It lacked the overall texture an aggression that the Hifiman Had, ideally I'd like to think the HE 6 can take that very fast taut bass a step forward 
  11. KewlMunky
    What classifies an amp as vintage? I'd be willing to go that route, however don't some of them need some part replacement due to age? I'm not experienced with circuit board part replacement.
    I mostly listen to metal and rock, so my main interest in the HE-6 is an aggressive bass (I felt the HE-500 bass was thick but just not aggressive). What I love about the LCD-2.2 is I get a nice bass impact (especially with my metal) and I'm hearing bass guitars much better than on previous headphones.
  12. Oregonian

    I have not had the pleasure.
    Regarding the question about vintage amps - you can loosely consider any amp built before 1980 to really be considered "vintage" though I'm sure many made in the '80's would be good.  I just don't know and from being a member on the vintage thread here and on Audiokarma the vast majority of vintage iron is definitely from the '70's. 
  13. LarsHP
    When I had LCD-2 v2, I clearly felt that the bass performance was superior to the HE-6. It was the only area where LCD-2 v2 was better than HE-6, so I sold it. The LCD-2 v2 had both more bass extension, general bass amount and better sub bass quality than HE-6. In the mid and upper bass the difference was much less - if not the same quality.
    When discussing HE-6 versus LCD-2, I think it's important to distinguish between the v2 and Fazer models, because the latter has a reputation for not having the same bass quality as the v2. If you look at the graphs at Inner Fidelity, you can see that it's not just cause by bad memory or something:
    The Fazer has less bass and the 30Hz square is not as straight as the v2 graph (indicating a softer bass).
    And of course there is also a difference in HE-6's bass performance with different modifications and amplifiers.
  14. Happy Camper
    Bass is a quasi target dependent on the listener. Some like boom, some like tight. I think it depends on the music you listen to. I'm a fan of acoustic rock so I'm more of a tight bass fan. But I'm also a fan of 60-70s prog. rock and a bit of boom has favor. I felt the 6s have covered both well.
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  15. Jozurr
    70s or early 80s is usually where the golden age of these vintage amps was. They don't all need replacements. There are many of them available, which have been perfectly services and some are even unused by owners and feel like new (although it's not as easy to get the latter types it's not impossible to score them either). You can always search your local sales and go try the amps out.

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