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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. ohhgourami

    I remember now. I purposely made the outer diameter smaller since it only needs to cover a bit past the back lip. The inner diameter matters the most.
  2. Fearless1

    Got the 400 back from a friend, here s my version of the mod.

    I did the strips on the HE6, they where about that size as well.
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  3. Terja
    Did a very similar mod as the one pictured below but instead I used Foam Ear Plugs (NRR=29) cut in half. I found that the 6 pieces on each driver were overdamping my HE-500. The bass got more diffuse and the sound signature relatively slower. Went down to four symmetrical pieces for each driver and there was a significant improvement but the sound signature was mid-centric already accentuating the HE-500s mid-centric SQ. I finally decided to keep just the two pieces at the bottom close to the wires and walla, there it was! Just a more more clear sound signature across the sound frequency nothing overly dampened. I think it added a certain clearness to the sound so I can hear some of the finer details more clearly. I'm with with richards51 on this, too much damping is worse than too little. This is a a try for yourself mod just based on the varied results of those trying. Oh yeah, I did mine on the inside of the cups for aesthetic reasons.
  4. Oregonian
    Thanks for ^ the pic buddy.  You did NONE on the outside of the cups, right? 
  5. Fearless1

    Right. I tried the outside first and got the same results with the inside done. I had about 20 on to start, narrowed it down to eight pieces​ to provide an even damping of the cup.
  6. svo360
    has anyone tried to use the audeze headban assemble and fit the he-6 cans to them?
  7. cskippy
    ^ At $150 for the headband and assembly, I would much rather get a Lohb suspension headband.  
  8. LancerFIN
    I own both audeze and hifiman cans and I can tell you audeze headband is a lot worse.
  9. NZtechfreak

    I would imagine he's talking about the Audeze suspension band.
  10. svo360
    Really! I am surprised it looks comfortable. The hifiman comfort thing hasnt bothered me had a 3 hr session last night seemed fine.
    I also done the fuzzor mode i think its called not sure by removing the white foam and black silk from grill and it sounded like the bass was more pronounced. Also will order the vegan pads and do that mode that seals the black inner ring with Blu tack that i read somewhere and ill be done and satisfied but the most difference i found in anyone component was the dac with out a doubt but the powerful class a amp i have also helps to drive them too. Who would of thought i would of gone back to cd's after 15 years and reliving all the sounds i missed.
    Its been a long road to finally get to this point and be happy with the sound and like to thank all the advice i received on this forum, thanks.
  11. Audio Addict Contributor
  12. FredrikT92
    I think Preproman has tried the INT30 which I belive is pretty much just a XA30,5 with preamp. 
  13. FredrikT92
    So to conclude, its the voltage swing of the amplifier which might be the most importent factor for driving the HE-6? 
  14. Jozurr
    Reading through the thread, I haven't been able to determine what reasonably priced cable would work best with the HE6. What do you guys use and what is the general consensus?
  15. LarsHP

    I think it's a difficult one to answer in a simple way - and opinions surely will vary (as always).
    I you use a speaker amp, it's designed to drive loads that are about 10x lower and at higher wattage demand too. In this situation the current draw of HE-6 is nothing and voltage swing could be the limiting factor if you go into the extremes. However, if you use a headphone amp, it's usually not designed for such an inefficient headphone as HE-6 and this could lead to lack of both voltage swing and current = Watts.
    I remember a member of the trade (on this site) said something like this: You need current to make the driver move and voltage swing will determine how far it can go. In other words you need both. It's only in the case of headhpones with either extremely high impedance (like 600 Ohms or more) or extremely low impedance (like 12 Ohms) that you can say that in practical use it's either Ampere or Volts that will be the limiting factor.
    In the case of HE-6, it's about 50 Ohms, and this suggests that it will be both = Watts that will be the limiting factor. This is at least how it is in theory. What people feel and experience might vary, as stated to begin with.

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