HiFiMan HE-6 Headphone - Free shipping, no fee! Priced to sell!
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Dec 26, 2010
"Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone for the Critical Listener." - Hifiman's website.  
I am selling these headphones because I just got new headphones, and I don't like to own more than one set of at-home headphones. No trades, please! They are in great condition. I don't see any flaws on them. I've used them a lot, as I generally have them on when I am at my PC, browsing the web, playing games, listening to music. But I treat them quite gingerly. 
This set was bought new from some site in early 2015, and are the same I brought to the recent DC/MD/VA head-fi meet. I can't remember which store -- my friend graciously bought these for me after he spilled coffee on an older set of HE-6 I had right before getting these. They are quite new, and I assure you, no coffee was near this pair, ever. 
These headphones definitely require a nice amplifier - But even though it works best on crazy speaker amplifiers and 5+ watt per channel @ 50 ohms monstrosities, that doesn't mean it doesn't also work just fine on pretty much anything that puts out 1.5W per channel. Not great, but fine. So if all you got is a Schiit Lyr, go for it. This will do well! If you need to try a crazy amplifier, I can sell my Crown D-75A, too.     
Free shipping to CONUS to make things simple and convenient. Don't even worry about the Paypal 3% fee! Let's make this easy. How cool is that! Priced to sell!
original box
pleather & velour pads  (velour's never been used)
spare headphone cable connector things for the cups  
a headphone cable  
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