Hifiman HE-6(Fuzzor and Grill Mods) (SOLD)
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Headphoneus Supremus
Nov 15, 2008
Up for sale is a pair of modded he6. The mods consist of the fuzzor mod and the grill mod. I'm fortunately enough to have a wife whose a huge scrapbook addict. Its a  hobby I always make fun of, but she made me sweat a little when I approach her with the idea of her making the cut outs for the fuzzor mod. She has a machine that  allows you to take a picture, input measurements, or both to precisely cut out any image or shape. The cuts are very precise and exact, so my mod probably came out better than most who used scissors or an exacto knife. Sonically the mod came off very well indeed. I won't go into details, but there are numerous posts about it. She tried to use the machine for the grills as well, but didn't have a blade strong enough to cut through metal, but it still came out pretty nice.
I originally bought these three or four years ago, or whenever they first came out. I was an early adopter and one of the ones who go the 3 year warranty that they no longer offer. These were replaced along with the cable about a year ago because of one of the connectors failing and caused a short that blew one of the drivers. So overall condition is pretty good. The case is the same case from when I first bought it and does show signs of wear given I have traveled with these a few times. Included are two pairs of the pleather pads, and the velour pads that's currently on it. Shipping is included in the price in the ConUS, add 3.0% for the paypal fees.  I will ship internationally for the difference in price.
One thing I forgot to add was, I still have the original grills, felt piece, and 1/4 circle of foam. So both of the mods are completely reversible. 
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