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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
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  1. bagwell359
    I've heard lots of amps - esp tubed with lots of THD, that can sound warm, sweet, or smudgy depending on how much THD they have. Still they do fine with simple frequency response charts. I can recall a number of amps that are flat with almost no THD - such as a Crown IC 150, which are brutal to actually listen to. Then when you consider pre-amps, input impedance, transducers.... the entire area tends not to lend itself to absolute statements IMO.

    I have a Gungnir 1, which sounded when I first heard it like the ARC flagship from about 2002 - all 20k of it, and also faced a number of competitors I put in front of it in 2015. I sold my top notch vinyl playback and a very large vinyl collection because it did so well in demo. It isn't as bright as most DAC's, but still has a huge amount of detail - from pp to fff. It doesn't have the nagging brightness of DAC's with SABRE chips - yet has a wonderful treble. Soundstage and low level details not as good as the Yggy - but that's a $1k more. Gungnir 1 has better bass impact than the Yggy however.

    I've bought equipment since 1974 because it sounds like music (ear educated by fathers Quad ESL's and the BSO) that I could afford at the time. Did you have the Gungnir or Yggy in your home system? How did you compare them to equipment you know?
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  2. Draknodd
    Thd is one thing, fr in another and there are a lot of other parameters to consider when evaluating a dac or amp. Not listened to gungir unluckily so can't comment about It.
    This is going OT, there a lot of very neutral amp to drive he560, this is my advice to the guy who asked for help. For sound colorations there are DSP, which I suggest to use when needed.
  3. sakujou
    Thanks a ton to everyone for the responses, recommendations and info!

    So I guess I will be ditching the Magni 3 and looking for a better match.

    So overall I should be looking for:

    - warm or neutral amp
    - low distortion
    - lots of power (how can I check this ">7.5V rms and >140mA"? no info of such sort seems to be in the specs sheets of amps)
    - maybe some EQ (in foobar, what range of frequencies would you EQ and by how much to tame those highs just a bit, so that they are not as bright?)

    I will start looking for good deals on some of the recommended amps around here.
    So what about the JDS Labs Atom? The power won't be enough? I am thinking about it because of the low price, but then again - if it won't be a good match, no need to try it and then sell it like the Magni.

    I am looking at Lake People G109 and G103 because they are popular in Europe and there are decent deals on them second hand. @Draknodd, I see you are using this combo with the HE-560. I assume you like it? But does it tame the highs a bit?

    I was thinking about changing my DAC as well (even before I got the HE-560) mostly because of curiousity - can I upgrade my current SMSL M8A and how would a R2R or NOS DAC sound. And now I might aim at one that has a headphone amp as well. Do you guys think any of these might be a good match for the HE-560:

    - Benchmark DAC1 HDR (though it doesn't have DSD support :/ )
    - Yulong SABRE DA8
    - Sabaj D5
    - Questyle CMA 400i
    - Audiolab M-DAC (no DSD again)

    Thanks again to everyone! I really appreciate all the help. :)
  4. bagwell359
    Just my 02 cents, but Sabre chips give me a headache. AKM4497's OTOH are nice.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  5. sakujou
    I have heard that from a few people - Sabre chips being detailed, yet harsh and even thin.

    I have little experience with other DACs, but that is one of the reasons I wanted to try a different DAC as well.

    But to be honest - this SMSL Saber based DAC sounds pretty good to me when paired with my Paradigm Monitor 11v7 speakers (Linn Kolektor preamp + Lyngdorf SDA 2175 power amp). But still - I would love to compare it to a "warmer" DAC or just a different one. Then again - many people say the chip itself doesn't mean much, it's all about the implementation.
  6. raoultrifan
    @sakujou, indeed the Atom will definitively drive the HE-560 and for its price is probably the best price/performance ever.

    Sabaj D5 is measuring about perfect, so I see no reasons why not purchasing this combo, especially that it has both RCA & XLR connections.

    My HE-560 sounds as they should sound, on all combos and headamps I have at home: Objective2, PLAY, PLAYMATE, Conductor Virtuoso 2, ASUS Essence One, Matrix HPA-3B. Of course, the discrete design of BURSON and MATRIX amplifiers might be helpful, mostly for ensuring enough power reserve for future headphones.
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  7. HungryPanda
    I'm using the Sabaj D5, does the job well
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  8. Draknodd
    Atom Is a bit at the limit, check the top line of lake people, Violectric or a THX789. You buy one of these once and you'll never change It for every kind of headphone you'll buy in the future.

    For DAC just go with an RME ADI-2.

    For EQ as I said I have posted a profile some posts ago, try It!
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  9. bagwell359
    There are some good implementations of Sabres - lot of people working on them. I was thinking '16 and earlier when there were less. Basic point is get the home and hear for yourself if possible.
  10. pauldgroot
    I still really enjoy my Geek Pulse XFI (ESS) with my HE-560.
  11. phthora
    Depending upon your price limit, I would look into a JDS Labs Atom with a Topping D50s for about $300-$350. I've heard that pairing driving some Audeze LCDs, and it handled those quite well. The 560 is harder to drive, so be sure to buy from someplace with a forgiving returns policy. Stepping up a level, I would recommend the Monoprice THX or Topping DX7s, both are DAC/amps around $500. Up another level, I'd go with the Massdrop THX and Topping D70 for about $800. Above that, the Benchmark DAC3 HGC for $2200. Or, ultimately what I chose, the Benchmark DAC3-B and Benchmark HPA4 for $4800 plus marriage counseling. :wink:

    I have a Violectric HPA v90, and it does wonderfully. It's actually a better single-ended amp than my Audio-gd 28.38. Both companies are excellent options for planars, as both are, I believe, current amplifiers.
  12. thebkt
    When I had my 560's, they responded very well to an R2R DAC. The way R2R smooths the treble worked wonders in taking that edge off. As for pads, I used the ZMF Ori (Perforated leather), which tightened things up overall to my ears.
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  13. legcramp
    Same here, got my V1 HE560 w/ a Norne cable from Trevor (great guy with amazing customer service btw). I am thinking of selling my TH900 and selling my LCD3-F because these get picked up the most when I need headphones.
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