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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. PantsUK
    Where do I send the money??.? Mine just broke after 5 days of wearing them 400i though. Have you considered using shapeways as then people can order directly, fit and finish is already done, you can use different material types even metal, and you still get a profit kick back? I’m getting a new set from hifiman but I’d like to have a better quality backup for when the warranty is out.
  2. pauldgroot
    I haven't thought about shapeways yet, I'll look into that. If you want a pair or let me fix yours, send me a PM.
  3. PantsUK
    I'll PM you. I did the shapeways thing myself for something ages ago it was much easier than dealing with each one and the finish is much much better than you can do on a normal printer.
  4. gardibolt
    My replacement set #3 has about 72 hours on it and no failures, no cracks yet. Sound is exquisite especially in tandem with the Lyr 2. But I'll keep Paul's replacement service in mind when these inevitably break.
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  5. pauldgroot
    @PantsUK :I looked into the shapeways thing and even have everything set-up and ready to sell but the products then manufacture have a grainy surface which would not be ideal if you'd want to glue two halves together seamlessly.
  6. PantsUK
    No problem just an idea. The bits I had made were good but your way is probably better, bronze would be nice though lol
  7. pauldgroot
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
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  8. Inaba545
    0477 here, yoke cracked badly on the left side and about to break (still wearing them...)

    I discovered this after I had to RMA my M1060C's due to issues with the right driver. I thought "Well, I can just rotate in my HE-560 for now. Let me just put these on and... WOW REALLY!?!" My two most expensive HP and they both have problems. I think my $50 SHP9500s have better build quality than the both of them (certainly less issues).

    I honestly thought about returning them both and just upgrading to a better built (and hopefully better sounding) HP like an Audeze LCD of some sort, but I really do love the sound of both of them. There is also the fact that I am over the 30 day return period for the HE-560, and Adorama was not willing to work with me on that at all. So I am stuck with the 560 and it's janky headband, but I am trying to contact Hifiman right now to get a new headband. Hopefully the QC issue has been addressed by now but I will just cross my fingers on that. I know Gardibolt received a new headband that does not seem to have issues (after 3 replacement sets...). Has anyone else receive a new one that hasn't broken yet?

    Also, pauldgroot, those headbands look excellent. It makes me happy that somebody cared enough to go out of their way to help fellow HE-560 owners. Again, not sure if Hifiman did anything about the bad batch yet, but kudos to you Paul. I may be contacting you about one soon.
  9. Dominate
    Got my replacement headband from Hifiman... Those who've replaced theirs, any instructions/tips on how to change them?

    My cracked ones haven't broken through completely so don't know if i should be just yanking them off the connectors. Or do we need to take off the pads and screws to the driver assembly?
  10. pauldgroot
    I use a bank card to gently take out one side of the yoke and then slide it away until the pressure relieves, then take out the other side. If they're already broken, don't bother doing it super carefully. No screwdrivers needed, clamping force holds them in place.

    @Inaba545 : Thanks, let me know if I can help you out!
  11. Dominate
    @pauldgroot Thanks. Just tossing up whether to reinforce/salvage the current cracked yoke and see how that holds up, or to just swap over to the replacement... Seems even the replacements aren't guaranteed to hold up.
  12. pauldgroot
    I heard of a guy who sells replacements for cheap. :nerd: I tried glueing mine when they cracked but that didn't really hold up since glue is usually a brittle spot. I think glueing and the using a strip of metal on the inside with epoxy could work.

    After a lot of smoothing it was time to try them assembled on @antdroid his headband.
    _DSC3190.jpg _DSC3191.jpg _DSC3192.jpg

    Fit was almost perfect expect for the pins that stick in the cups.
    That end flange was a little oversized, sanded a small amount of material off and after that the fit was fine. The first seven yokes I've printed have this "issue", will ship these anyway since its an easy fix. For a next batch I've redicued the diameter from 5.25mm to 5.1mm which should better match the original.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
  13. LikeABell
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  14. XxyzyxX
    I am daydreaming what a wood yolk would look like on those original wood cups...veneer and plastic cup is like the ugly step sibling...
  15. antdroid

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