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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. phthora
    The drivers themselves are pretty reliable for thin planars. Anecdotal evidence suggests that they are more robust than Audeze, which seem to have a higher fail rate. (However, there isn't any real data of that sort of thing available.) In my own experience, a few hundred hours of listening and a few dozen times being transported, I have had no issues. Of course, failures are always a possibility. Something to consider, however, is that driver damage is most likely to occur in transit, when apathetic strangers are manhandling the boxes into and out of various means of conveyance, or in the burn-in period, when initial stresses will wreak havoc on any manufacturing issues. After that, short of trauma, misuse, or habitual ill treatment, they are going to be pretty stable. Ignoring the Pandora's box question of whether or not burn-in changes sound, it would help you get through that critical time when drivers are most likely to fail much quicker and within the limits of the warranty.
  2. SteveOliver
    Thanks for the reply, I hope to get a few years of service from the 560 even if it is a bargain at the the current price. I also noticed this one appears to have tripped my headphone amp into a lower volume output, I had to switch the amp off and on to fix it, so it may have been a dead short on the RHS.
  3. phthora
    I can more than understand that. The 560 sounds like 900 dollars, but it's built like a 300 dollar set. So, I don't think the $500 price is far off. Honestly, I think the build on the 400i is slightly better. Or, at least, the plastic inspires more confidence.

    The amp thing is odd. What kind of amp is it?
  4. DavidA
    I think the build quality of the HE560 went down hill after the change to the 2.5mm jacks since all the older SMC versions I've seen (6 so far) all look very good and are still working and none have had to change Focus pads due to them failing. On the 2 newer versions the finish on the veneer is not consistent and the 2.5mm jacks were not at the same height/depth along with the Focus pads not looking/feeling the same as what are on mine.
  5. SteveOliver
    The amp is an SMSL T1.
  6. SBranson

    My feelings exactly. Having bought the first run and then this, what appears to be the last, run of the 560s I know that my first set seemed much better built. They seemed like a premium set of headphones close to, if not on par with the hd800 and beyer T1 I had at the time. These ones just seem like an outsourced copy.

    But the sound is still good and the price was 1/2 so I can’t really complain.
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  7. thebkt
    I bought mine in September (or thereabouts) this year and they show none of the issues mentioned above. Despite buying a store demo pair, I was thoroughly impressed with the higher end look and feel of them, especially when compared to the 400S they replaced.
  8. DavidA
    Might be luck of the draw with the newer versions :ksc75smile:
  9. FredA
    Yes, they truly sound very very good. So no regrets despite poor built quality. I just love their sound.
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  10. Light - Man
    Anyone using an Arcam rHEAD Headphone Amplifier with their HE560 and if so how are you liking it?
  11. Rapid7
    Anybody know why these seem to come from the factory with the pads fitted the wrong way around?

    Going by the instructions the thinner part of the pad should be at the front and the thicker part to the rear.
  12. TimeSnow
    This is pretty common... I've seen people say the same about Audeze, etc. I think they just get stuck on in the factory and no one cars as it's so easy to rotate them.
  13. jaxz
    No. The 560s pads are (kind of) fixed, no (big) rotation allowed.
  14. Light - Man
  15. TimeSnow
    Sorry, mine are not stock - in the least - and the pads rotate freely.

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