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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. Guidostrunk
    Your description is spot on with mine.
    Especially how you put it at the end. I was completely shocked that the 560's could capture many traits of the HD800 and still maintain the planar magic. LOL
  2. akg fanboy
    I don't disagree, I think a tonally balanced headphone can sound fantastic, that's one reason why I loved my hm5s so much and also why I will use the he560 as a reference point to future headphones I own. But I do not always want a balanced sound and sometimes desire an incredibly large sound stage or more intimate mids, etc so I would not be able to stick to just the he560s
  3. Arttt
    560 will keep you wondering...

    When listeners say " neutral " tonality, usualy coming from different reference in sound, like coming from hd800 neutral would mean " not so bright sound" , and if coming from hd650 neutral would mean " not so dark sound" , we constantly using headphones we own as a reference and most 1k$ headphones / flagship trying to impress you with something , treble or soundstage or sweet colorful mids, gotta be something that makes it "special" , so one way or another some aspect of the sound is exaggerated. It can be pleasant or impressive but it comes at a cost... and in the end you will need many pairs of headphones with different type of character to simply get your kick from exaggerations and rest your ears from them by switching headphones. That's why it's common to have a pair of bright energetic headphone, fast transparent airy with lots of detail , and a dark headphone with sweet warm juicy mids, bold weighty sound and punchy low end...
    A man can say, -I like all my headphones, it's all about mood and type of music, but take away a dark headphone from his collection and see how fast he gets fatigue from treble focused sound, take away bright headphone and pretty soon music will put him to sleep, gets boring...

    He560 is most neutral headphone I heard, it's not less bright than hd800 or akg 701 or t1, it's simply not bright.
    It's not less dark than hd650 or he600, it's simply not dark...

    He560 is aggressive headphone with a bite but remains calm even with complex electronic / orchestra music.
    It's has sweet flavor to the mids with warmth ,and liquidity yet remaining clean classy sound, music sounds serious and realistic. No flirting with tonality...very cool!
    Even thou 560 has this aura of a piano player performing in great music hall, in a classy tuxedo with spotlights all on him, he560 still manage to be at times romantic and at times wild sounding headphone...

    Strongest point of he560 is it's neutrality, it allows he560 to realy captivate mood of music and create its atmosphere , you kinda feel what singer feels when he sings, not just the melody but the mood of a song
    He560 can catch the mood of music!

    By the way I strongly recommend to audition he560 with current strong amp ( 2W into 50ohms) and some decent power cable. Realy makes at times aggressive treble very smooth and relax and opens up soundstage , gives it more air, less noise, blacker background and even more micro detail.
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  4. apaar123
    How do they compare to hd600 and he500?
  5. raybone0566
    Better detail, wider soundstage. Amp matching is important. Audio gd makes some very powerful & smooth sounding amps.
  6. apaar123
    i will be using mojo
  7. DavidA
    While I didn't spend much time with a Mojo that I borrowed from a friend, as a DAC is great, driving the HE-560 & HD-800 is was a bit thin and lifeless to my GF and I.  Don't really know why the Hugo which is rated at the same power output just sounds so much better, DAC section?  Maybe someone with more experience with both Hugo and Mojo and chime in.
  8. apaar123
    Has anyone used them for gaming?
  9. DavidA
    Never tried my HE-560 for gaming, found the HD-700 about the best for gaming, comfortable, great sound stage and positional audio, a bit easier to drive than the HE-560, and better bass when driven by HT receiver or built in sound card versus the HE-560 which doesn't seem to have the same synergy with my HT receiver or built in sound card for when I was into gaming.
  10. Djsenjaya
    Currently have sennheiser hd650 for a while and found it was one of the best dynamic headphone i've ever tried. Now im ready to try planar magnetic headphone and found this particular Hifiman HE-560. Is it worth it to buy this, rather than others brand, ex. Audeze etc. And will he-560 beats hd560 in term of sound quality? I appreciate all the input. Thank you.
  11. nk126

    They sound very different. HE560 is a brighter sound, more upper mid and treble energy. There is no "better." You have to try them and decide what you prefer. If you want something that sounds similar to HD650, try the Audeze. 
  12. Arttt
    just bought hd650, judging on the reviews and stuff like " audeze character" , " dark sweet mids"   " full-bodied creamy mids"   " flowing musicality"
    Got to say i am disappointed with hd650...
    hd650 can not be compared to he560 , he560 is in another league in terms of every aspect of the sound.
    dosent matter what your preference are , he560 is in a class above hd650.
    silly to even compare those two headphones...
    hd650 sound slow, wooly one note bass , dimmed treble , mids feels wide and thick but without any weight and texture to it , light weighted ...
    no sub bass at all , and no bite to the sound , very dull...
    once i put back he560 i could feel music again , all the texture , macro detail , the air that moves inside the headphone cup comes from all kind of places , bass has so many layers and notes to it , when hd650 simply pushes all the air pressure from the middle with one note... everything is  like listening to the speaker from 50 cm with wool sweater covered the driver ...
    hd600 was way better and had that sweet tonality that was easy on ears and pleasant , lovely vocals ..
    realt makes me wonder how so many listeners liked hd650 and have it  as a compliment headphone to he560  ö.Ö
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  13. Djsenjaya

    I want to know if he-560 are difficult to drive? And what about the bass? Is it overpower, balance or underpowered?
  14. nk126

    I drive mine from a Project Polaris. Many people report loving them with a Gustard H10. I drove them well enough with a Schiit Modi and an old Onkyo home theater receiver, as well, but prefer the Polaris sound. You won't get good results with most smartphones or laptops on their own. But if you have $300 to spend on an amp, you can achieve something pretty close to nirvana so long as you like the 560's sonic personality. 
    I would describe the bass as very detailed and balanced. People describe the overall sound of the 560s as super detailed and somewhat lean, with a bright high end. These are not booming bass-heavy headphones at all. But there's plenty of bass detail, for sure. 
    For reference, I find most Sennheisers to have a little too much bass and lower mids, and not enough upper mid/treble energy for my tastes. 
  15. DavidA
    I feel like the HE-560 would make a good complimentary headphone to the HD-650 but with the caveat that the amps used to drive either is different, OTL like BH Crack for HD-650 and hybrid like Lyr2 for HE-560.  The LCD-2 will be closer in sound signature to the HD-650 and you might also want to look at the current version EL8 open which is much improved over the first generation.  Another thing to consider is the genre of music that you like.
    HE-560 is not the most difficult to drive headphone but it seems to pair well with some amps better than others.  The bass is there in quality if its in the recording, these are not bass head can but I like the bass on the HE-560 better than the HD-650 for most genres while the HD-650 has a better mid bass and a nicer mid for pop and classic rock IMO.

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