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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. FiGuY1017
    Thoughtit mightof been from shipping since everything was untouched. Nice to know it's a easy fix though.:)

    Yes, I agree they are great cans :)

    Btw, although I'm pretty sure you're already aware, it's easy to fix a dent in the grill.
    I've done it with my previous HE400S, which as the same grill structure and comes off the same way.
  2. FiGuY1017
    I was a little cautious with the volume since I've read about the peak..yeah I see what people are saying but the extension is worth a little sharpNess to me.
  3. Atavax
    today i was listening to this girl perform irl and i'm like man, these speakers suck, would sound so much better with my 560s :p
  4. akg fanboy
    Got my he560s today. It's really amazing how deep planar bass can go, these are my first planar headphones. The soundstage is pretty impressive, I was not expecting this from a planar magnetic but instrument separation is done better with the beyer t1s and akg q701s IMO
  5. Arttt
    Not realy, what seem to be a better seperation is simply emphases on treble with t1 and 701 and wider soundstage.
    It's trick your mind into thinking that instruments are more defined and have more space...

    Once you pass by that illusion you start notice that seperation is not about " point out" single thing one by one and present them side by side, but rather having sound picture as a whole, where nothing stick out and nothing is blended...

    That's a sign of mature serious sound, and he560 got that.
    T1. 701 and many other good headphones in compare to he560 sound " hallish"

    Listeners with speaker setups who " want their speakers to disappear " in the room when listening to music, or people who listen to live music , know what I mean...
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  6. akg fanboy

    Don't get me wrong, I think the he560 is the best reference headphone I own. It is neutral with fantastic planar bass, sizeable soundstage, great details, good comfort, and in my opinion a benchmark to compare against future headphones. I still love large soundstages so my Quincy's aren't going away any time soon
  7. Kaixing
    Comparatively, I would prefer HE500 than HE560, even though HE560 is much less weight and comfortable to listen.
  8. Fearless1

    You "would" prefer? So you do prefer? Or are you speculating?
  9. Guidostrunk
    Had the 500's , and now have the 560's. To me , the 560's are the perfect balance between the 500's , and the HD800's. You get the best of both with the 560's. The 500's were a little to closed in for me. 800's were too lean but had a huge soundstage.
    The holography on the 560's , is off the meter.
    All subjective though. YMMV
  10. Fearless1

  11. akg fanboy

    Isn't the point of the 560 to strike a tonal balance in between the he500 and he6
  12. FiGuY1017
    Don't really mind they extra brightness but thought I'd try alil t.p in the cupa aparantly it don't just wipe rears it wipes away some bite to. Maybe it's just in my head I donno..but seems like subbass increased to.
  13. Atavax
    when you say the HE560 is comfortable to listen, are you talking about the sound signature or the ergonomics and weight?
  14. h2rulz
    Completely agree with you there, which is why I'm still spending months to decide what to keep among the HD800, HE500 and HE560.
    Among the three, HE560 lies between the other two. I'm torn between just keeping the HE560 or keeping both the HD800 and HE500.
    HE500 has the most bass (mid bass) while sounding the most smooth and non fatiguing of the three.
    HD800 has a huge soundstage and good imaging. But it has thin sounding mids, and highs that could be fatiguing (although using the right tubes helps a lot with the mids and highs)
    HE560 is almost the best of both worlds. It still has some of that planar bass fun while managing to have some of the air on top and surprising soundstage despite being a planar. It also seems to extend lower than the HE500.
    At this rate, I might just end up keeping them all :p
  15. Guidostrunk
    Having never heard the HE6, Can't really comment there. But as far as tonal balance goes. The 560's to my ears are perfectly balanced.
    HD800's = treble emphasis
    HE500 = midrange emphasis
    HD700= recessed mids/v shaped
    HD650= dark like chocolate. Veiled.
    With the above cans, Soundstage and holography vary, from too big, to closed in. Too much air, no air at all.

    The 560's, seem to capture everything dead center. Especially in imaging. It's dead center. The radius of music around the head is completely balanced from front to back and up and down.
    I've never been able to instantly connect with any other former can. Especially with the HE500. The imaging had no focal point whatsoever, and the midrange beat your face off. The HD800 , I always got lost in space with treble fatigue. The HD700 was boring. The HD650 put me to sleep.

    At this point, I'm hesitant to "upgrade" from the 560's. I think diminishing returns start to manifest.

    Of course all my opinion though. YMMV

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