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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. ZekeAdebayo
    Afternoon everyone! I was curious if anyone here has had any experiences with the Schiit Jotunheim. I'm thinking of selling my Gustard H10 (amp) and Gustard Dac X12 (dac) and replacing it with the Joutunheim. 
  2. Atavax

    might be a bit better question to ask in the Jotunheim thread, as there are numerous people with both the 560 and Jotunheim in there. I have both and i enjoy it, but i don't have similarly priced amps or dacs to compare it to really. The consensus seems to be that the Jot is a very good, one of if not the best sub $1,000 amps and does a great job with the 560, but that the dac is only good if you consider the Jotunheim as a $400 amp with an optional $100 dac (probably just able to save costs because they fit the dac into the amp housing, making the dac at $100 a good value, but nothing special). If you have a $500 dac, which it looks like you do, i would expect the Jotunheim's dac to be a significant downgrade.
  3. ZekeAdebayo
    Thanks, I just asked since the people here use the 560s. As far as dacs are concerned I'm not so sure. From a sound perspective the X12 didn't really stand out from the Magni 2 Uber I own (maybe smoother? but that doesn't necessarily  = better). In my experiences (and others I've known) there's barely any (if at all) a difference in perceivable sound quality between a solid more entry lv dac like the JDS labs element or Modi 2U to justify forking out 500 for just a Dac alone (unless the dac is doing something else to alter the sound). I "personally" think that as long as you have a solid dac (which both of those two are) an amp most likely makes a bigger difference. I'm not bashing anyone with more expensive rigs, all I'm saying is that for all the buzzwords I see in regards to audio equipment/recommendations rarely am I ever really impressed (my expectations aren't high either). With all that said I'm open to listening to any amp/dac suggestions that may change my mind. I favor detail over something that sounds overly smooth. I really apologize if my post rubs anyone the wrong way, I just live in an area where it isn't easy to just go out and listen to various audio equipment so I have to go by professional reviews or what I read being said that has some solid truth to it. 
  4. msimanyi
    Well, Schiit has a nice "in-home trial" option with their offer to return it within 15 days.
    Why not try it and see if you're wowed?
  5. mysticstryk
    I would recommend the Lyr 2 over the Jot for pairing specifically with the 560. The Jot can make the few problem areas of a stock 560 more pronounced while the more laid back nature of the Lyr 2 pairs better with the 560.

    I'd recommend the Jot for warmer headphones like the 650 or ZMF planars.
  6. DavidA
    Interesting, I love my Lyr2 with the HE-560 but if the Jot is like a Asgard2 then I see your point
  7. FiGuY1017
    Hi I've been enjoying forum creeping for awhile. I am about to receive a pair used from adorama got a price I couldn't refuse 470. Question is will hifiman repair out of warranty headphones not bought through authorized dealers? Thanks in advance.
  8. h2rulz

    I believe they do. As long as you pay them.
    This is an email I got for my HE560 that had some minor issues (bought on ebay), which I ended up fixing on my own.
    "Since the item is out of warranty, we could provide the pay-needed maintenance service for you. The pay needed to repair the HE560 driver is $160 (including the shipping fee of sending the replacement package to you). Please pay $160  to our PayPal account: head.direct.3@gmail.com and forward the payment receipt to me."
  9. FiGuY1017
    Wow your more handy than me I'll just send them to you if they break you might be cheaper :p Thanks for the help! As always after you find a "good deal" after they've Shipped you find a "better deal" for anyone looking for a 560 amazon/hifi heaven has a like new 560 for 456.00.

    I believe they do. As long as you pay them.
    This is an email I got for my HE560 that had some minor issues (bought on ebay), which I ended up fixing on my own.

    "Since the item is out of warranty, we could provide the pay-needed maintenance service for you. The pay needed to repair the HE560 driver is $160 (including the shipping fee of sending the replacement package to you). Please pay $160  to our PayPal account: head.direct.3@gmail.com and forward the payment receipt to me."

  10. raybone0566
    Contact ryne or Jane through that email address listed above. Usually they will tell you to ship just the phones back. You can even remove the pads if you wish. They are going to send a new set of phones. You won't get the same pair back. I've done this twice with my 560's. That quoted 145.00 for driver replacement shipping included.
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  11. FiGuY1017
    THanksI'll save those contacts, hopefully won't have any problems I haven't from my 1840s I ordered on there. But reading through here has me a little more concerned with the hifimans. It's a Chance I'll take assuming they come in excellent condition as advertised. Plus you have 90 day warranty through them. But man like new for 450ish is insane for these so jump quick said two available
  12. raybone0566
    Your not gonna get a better can for that price. Great deal
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  13. FiGuY1017
    Wow just got these beauties a dented grill otherwise this thing is brand new! I kinda feel like I stole this thing :/ I'm still picking my jaw off the floor these are amazing sounding cans!
  14. h2rulz

    Yes, I agree they are great cans :)
    Btw, although I'm pretty sure you're already aware, it's easy to fix a dent in the grill.
    I've done it with my previous HE400S, which has the same grill structure and comes off the same way.
  15. DavidA
    Just do a grill mod so you don't have to look at the dent
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