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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. Madman242
    Question about switching gain... just to be safe, I've been turning the amp off and waiting a couple minutes before switching the gain and turning it back on. Every time I do, I ask myself "do I really need to be doing this?". 
    Can the gain be safely switched while the amp is powered, headphone plugged in, volume turned to zero?
    On a similar note, is it safer to plug and unplug headphones while the amp is on, or off?
  2. DavidA
    With the Lyr2 I switch the gain setting when its on and hasn't had any effect, I don't unplug the headphones but I turn the volume to zero
  3. Madman242
    That's interesting. I've been too afraid to try it while on. It doesn't actually change unless you turn it off first?
  4. DavidA
    It changes as soon as I flip the switch
  5. Mingus Ah Um
    This week I became the proud owner of the 560's.  I have previously felt that I had achieved my audio nirvana in my HD650's/Crack+SB pairing.  I've been using this setup for nearly 3 years and felt for the price and performance it couldn't really get much better and I've had little interest in upgrading.  At one point I had owned the HE-400's but was never satisfied with them, primarily due to their weight on my head.  I sold them around the time the 560's came out and I've periodically had this curiosity if they would be a nice compliment to my 650's.  
    Thanks to this thread I finally pulled the trigger this week and ordered a pair.  I'm on day 3 with them and I'm absolutely in love.  I never thought anything would be as enjoyable as my Crack pairing but I was wrong.  Most of my amps consist of various tube amps but I do have a Magni.  I have a Gustard H10 on order but I'm probably a few weeks out from receiving it.  
    The first night I tried these with the Magni and wasn't thrilled with the sound.  Not bad but a bit boring.  Ortho's are lousy with the Crack and the 560's were no different.  I pulled my old Little Dot MkIII out of a box and fired it up for the first time in years.  The 560's actually sound pretty decent with this amp.  I do feel SS is the way to go but until I get my Gustard the Little Dot will work.  
    Initial impressions compared with my 600's & 650's were a more open sound stage and a much faster headphone.  Bass is quite a bit more present as well.  It just seems to be a very hype and lively headphone.  It reminded me of what I remembered of my HE400, although I think the 560's sound much better.  I think the 560's rival the 650's in terms of comfort.  My first night of listening I went nearly 4 hours straight and they felt great.  I listen to a lot of Jazz, classic rock, acoustic and indie music.  One of the first things I listed to was the Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk...I don't think I've ever enjoyed it so much.  Female vocals sound great and I've yet to really come across anything that I really dislike about the 560's.  I don't listen to much EDM but I played a few random tracks and these things really sounded great.
    I was pretty skeptical as to whether I'd keep these or not when I got them but now I'm not sure when I'm going to put the 650's back on my head.  Overall just a fantastic headphone.  I do agree with comments that they do feel somewhat cheap but those thoughts disappear when I start listening.  Now I'm just hoping I'm as impressed with the Gustard when it arrives.
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  6. Jazic
    Once you're happy with your setup give some alternative pads a go. It'll tweak the sound a bit more than amp pairings will imo. 
  7. Atavax
    Just received my 560s, quick question. Do i need to worry about treating the wood to keep it in good condition?
  8. mysticstryk

    Nope, it's just a cheap veneer.
  9. DavidA
    Depends, if they are the originally released version then yes.
  10. Fearless1

    Easy way to tell......are they cracked in six places? If not, you have the new version.:)
  11. mysticstryk

    Had no idea the originals were bad like that.
  12. Soundsgoodtome
    Unless it's the original 1st batch then no, all after was a veneer like others have mentioned. The original solid wood tended to crack which is why they went with veneer.
  13. Atavax
    what are people's favorite earpads for the 560 and what do you think they do to the sound? Oh, also, what are the most affordable balanced cables compatible with the 560?
  14. Madman242
    I ordered a set of the Focus-A pads recently after learning they can help smooth out the upper mids and highs. While it's difficult for me to articulate the difference in sound, I feel the headphones are much less fatiguing with them. I'm listening to them much more often.
  15. DavidA
    I've tried the hifiman velour, original pleather, Focus-A and the spares from my SRH-1840.
    I still prefer the Focus pads, Focus-A would be my second choice and it does reduce the highs a touch but it also reduces the sub-bass a touch also.  The original pleathers gave the most sub-bass but also made the highs a bit harsh at times.  The velour made the sound a bit less dynamic, something I really didn't like.  SRH-1840 pads are the most comfortable but like the velour pads alter the sound too much.
    As for balanced cables check ebay seller Venus Audio, there were a few other vendors noted by other if you search back a few pages.

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