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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. bavinck
    Yes, listening to the 560 out of the Schiit Jot single ended I agree. Clarity and detail on the 560 are exceptional. Subbass in this combination us very satisfying as well.
  2. DivergeUnify
    Have you had a chance to compare Lyr2 to Jot?
  3. bavinck
    Never heard the lyr2
  4. mysticstryk

    It's not really bad, but I expected better for the price and instead cheaper headphones like the 650 and 560 are outperforming it.
  5. bavinck

    Imo 560 is pretty special and might be the best deal in headphones right now (especially used) .
  6. DivergeUnify
    I think the 560 paired correctly is the most neutral bang for buck headphone.  It gives you excellent levels of linear bass, linear mids, and slightly elevated treble in spots, but definitely not a deficit, and definitely not hot like an hd800
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  7. Rdrcr
    Sadly, at this point, I feel if I'm going to upgrade my HPs...I'm spending $5K.
  8. doctorjazz
    It would seem to me, if you're spending as much as the HEX costs, you're better off with HE-1000 v1, which I thought sounded much better than HEX, and has dropped precipitously in price since the announcement of v2 (sounds much better than the 560 as well, I have both, but, even at the new, lower price, is much more expensive).
  9. Guidostrunk
    Any Pink Floyd fans here? Here's a twist for ya. Lol.

    Infected Mushroom-Pink Froid

  10. bavinck
    Not sure if anyone is interest, but I just joined the preorder for Garage 1217 Kameleon with a HE560 module. Supposed to all a bit of subbass and remove the treble spike. I figure it will be a fun experiment. Garage 1217 make serious and solid products.
  11. mysticstryk

    I've been following his progress with those filters for awhile now. Looking forward to impressions.
  12. StanD

    You could do that with EQ and use your current Amp. Give it a try.
  13. bavinck
    You could, but I find curve matching by hand in eq is really hard. Also, my understanding is that an analogue eq is always better than digital.
  14. StanD

    Either digital or analog can be bodged. Software EQ can be fixed with an update. Good software EQ can be tailored for different headphones and tastes. Since our hearing is different, having a fixed solution in hardware (Amp) may not serve well and a skilled listener can tailor what works best for them and save the EQ in a number of presets for different cans etc. I find that the Parametric EQ in USBAPP (add-in) and Neutron work magnificently. In the end one should do what suites them best.
  15. mandrake50

    If one is not a skilled listener... is getting 80 to 90% of the way there with something like the kameleon  ok?
    Is better OK, when perfection is not obtainable by the user?
    I have struggled with My 560 since day one to get it to where it does not aggravate me with the peaks that are part of its design.  have messed with parametric EQ etc. I find a complimentary DAC and amp to be helpful... still something is not right!
    I think I may try one of these. Maybe it will make my life easier and enable me to enjoy the 560 more. At that point,  could care less about what a skilled listener can do. I just want to like my headphones.
    If it doesn't work, it is a very small expenditure versus what I have already spent to make myself like the 560. (pads, cables, grills, damping, DACs. AMPS, tubes, etc.)

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