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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. h2rulz

    Have you tried using compressed air?
    At least this is something you could easily trouble shoot before sending it off to Hifiman at sizable repair fee.
  2. Jazic
    I don't know what freq response changes it's making. All I know is there is a difference. It is extremely clear to me of the difference with it set to 1ohm and 11ohms. The bass gets more bloated and boomy but still very controlled. I have no idea what's going on or why it's happening but the different is absolutely audible to my ears and not just a volume difference. As I said the 11ohm output impedance has more perceived bass at +0 bass boost than with it set to 1ohm output impedance and +2 bass boost. There is just something more there that isn't at 1ohm.
  3. StanD
    I would guess that the circuit that changes the impedance is doing more than just that as I've said an impedance change alone should not do this to a Planar. In any case you've found the settings that please you and that's what matters the most for you.
  4. mysticstryk

    I have not, it should be under warranty though. I'll take another look inside later tonight.
  5. bavinck

    How do you like the 560 compared to the 650?
  6. mysticstryk

    Well, some of my music I can't listen too on the 560 until the rattle in the right driver gets fixed so I can't make an accurate comparison right now. I will when/if Hifiman can fix my 560.

    It will be a tough fight for sure though. I also just last week got an hd800 so I have a lot of comparisons to make.

    What I have heard has surprised me though. I typically don't care for planars, they lack the dynamic and micro details that dynamic cans pick up on IMO. The exception being ZMF. But the 560 has incredible dynamics for a planar so far.
  7. bavinck
    Yes, dynamics are a strength of the 560.
    mysticstryk likes this.
  8. Rdrcr
    For all genres of music...560 all day long...
    I much prefer the 560's for the bass extension, dynamics, and clarity.
  9. bavinck

    560 has the 650 on extension (bass for sure), but the clarity and dynamics of a well amped 650 are pretty f'in amazing.
    mysticstryk likes this.
  10. mysticstryk

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of the 560 balanced out of your Jot.
  11. bavinck

    Balanced cable comes at the end of the month. Pretty excited to hear it!
  12. Atavax
    has anyone here tried both the 560 and the edition x, and know how they compare?
  13. mysticstryk

    I didn't care too much for the HEX. Felt it was way overpriced and even preferred my 650 to it. I like the 560 more. Better detail retrieval and used prices are insanely good.

    The HEX didn't do micro details very well and the bass was kind of one note and muddy in comparison.
  14. Rdrcr
    I'm running both my 560's and 650's balanced using a Bryston BHA-1 (which I consider a very good and clean amplifier). 
    No doubt, the 650's sound great...with exceptional clarity and dynamics.  However, I much prefer the sound of the 560's for the reasons mentioned above.
  15. Rdrcr
    I haven't tried the HEX but, muddy bass would be a killer for me.

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