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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. DavidA
    of the 3 chord devices that I've heard (TT, Hugo, Mojo) the Hugo was the best pairing with the HE-560, the HE-400i/Mojo pairing was a little disappointing to me, maybe I just expected too much with all the great reviews of the Mojo but with the HE-400i it was a little thin and dry compared to the Ember or UD-301 that I normally use.
    The mids of the HE-560 are not recessed and for songs which vocals are the primary sound I like the HE-560 much better than the HD-800 but if you like mostly instrumental then the HD-800 would be a better match IMO.
  2. NaiveSound

    What headphones have thr most amazing clarity and immersive sound that would be at least *ok* with my mojo?
  3. raybone0566
    Using plastic ring as a templete. I traced the ring out on firm 1/8 cardboard & inserted it inside the earpad to keep form factor. The plastic ring wouldn't hold the shape. Then used double stick tape & attached directly to earcups image.jpg
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  4. raybone0566
    Better pic with cardboard here. Pads are off while drivers are being replaced.if you use double stick tape, I suggest putting a bit of lint on the side you attach to the earcups. I've heard people have torn the pads removing them. image.jpg
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  5. Midgetguy
    Can't say I'm surprised about that statement. Double-sided tape usually has really strong adhesive properties.
  6. drwlf
    Pm'd @westermac aboot zee Brainwaz pads - and grabbing the replacement ring from the cheap stock velours, linked my own hasty impressions/installation guide with Brainwavz HM5 angled pleathers - http://www.head-fi.org/t/572327/mission-replace-the-hifiman-ear-pads-with-other-brand-ear-pads/540#post_12668178
    I guess it's good to post here as well!
    And about ripping the pads in general, I think it's a real possibility with installing the Brainwavz to the Hifiman ring - it's a super snug fit, so working the leather, and even the ring a bit (to avoid ripping the fabric or cracking the ring) is recommended.
  7. DavidA
    For clarity I would say the RS2e or GS1000e, with the Mojo both of these headphones were like sitting in the front row of a good jazz club where most of the music is acoustical without amplification.  Other headphones that I liked with the Mojo was the TH-600, SRH-1840 and EL8 open, these are not the most clear sounding but the over all sound is about as fun as it gets, very musical sounding with the Mojo.
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  8. Arttt
    1) Focal Elear
    2) Beyerdynamic t5p 2end generation.  Has good synergy with mojo and great clarity/separation, very detailed and reviling but with silky smooth treble and mids are JUICY.
    3)HD800 has amazing soundstage, imaging , clarity and lightning fast dynamics but it sounds  thin dry and sterile comparing to he560, its an impressive headphone but not for everyone and i wouldn't  recommend buying one without audition it first at home in your setup for a week ...
    4) audeze lcd2 , has thick creamy mids wit lots of weight , full-bodied and with dark rich tonality , low end has good extension ...
    if you plan on staying with Mojo then i recommend beyerdynamic t5p 2end generation.
    if you plan to get an desktop amp later , consider headphones above ...
    if i was you, i would get he560 and something like violectric v200, using Mojo as a Dac...   i bet that setup would sound sweet!
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  9. Niteblooded
    Need some advice from owners.   So for a few weeks the sound has been cutting out on the right side of my 560s.   The quick fix was refix the cord going to the right speaker but it would still cut in and out randomly.   I finally called Amazon and they will give me a refund on it.  Then I completely removed the cord and refixed it back to the right speaker.
    No longer cuts in and out randomly which is awesome, but should I trust it?   These are expensive headphones so I'm leaning toward still returning them since they could go back to that annoying behavior.   All I did was re-seat the cord but not much differently than I had in the past.   I honestly don't know what I did different so it feels like I got lucky.
    I haven't followed this thread recently but I have in the past I know a few have complained about the QC on the 560s so if I return them, should I give them another try or try a different set of cans?   I don't live in a city where I can audition various cans sadly.   I do like the way the 560s sound.   If they had more sub-bass/bass in general they would be exactly what I'm looking for as I like sound signature.
  10. DavidA
    @Niteblooded, I would send them back and get another pair.  In this price range the HE-560's are one of the better ones IMO.
  11. raybone0566
    Jane or Ryne at customerservice@hifiman.com. Both are great to deal with
  12. westermac
    Thanks for the tip Ray, I will have to give that a shot! Hope you are doing well.
  13. chowmein83
    Just curious, which pads are those? Seem to look pretty decent on the 560.
  14. Promenadeplatz
    Chord's Mojo is clearly not strong enough for proper driving magnetos as it delivers "just" around 6V output, you'll need at least 10V, better >14V for magnetos, a manufacturer told me.
  15. Niteblooded
    Thanks for the opinion.  Confirms my intent.   Figured this was my chance to go a different path if it's the wiser choice but I do like the way they sound.

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