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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. Liu Junyuan
    I really would love to hear this headphone on a Mjolnir 2. That just strikes me as a match made in heaven.
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  2. DivergeUnify
    Its a nice combo.  560s with Amperex PQs in a Mjolnir2 or Lyr2 is great
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  3. DavidA
    The amp you want to hear it on is a liquid glass with some Melz 6SN7GT or TS 6SN7GT black glass, haven't heard the HE-560 any better yet.
  4. Liu Junyuan

    I was going to say Liquid Crimson would be amazing too.
  5. Fearless1
    Sounds phenomenal off my HE 6 setup (Firstwatt J2), honestly I would put it up against the field of "best pairings".
  6. Koolpep

    I am with you.
    Heard my HE560 with the O2 in the hope of some great sound but was quite disappointed. Thin sounding, lack of bass made the 560 sound too bright and lacking body. I like it with the Lyr2 and Gustard - a lot. I am not sure it's the power - as I heard the 560 perform very nice with lower powered amps as well - so it's not all about the power. 
  7. Liu Junyuan

    That would be incredible with the HE-6. How is it with the HE-560?
  8. DavidA
    My Ember puts out quite a bit of power but the HE-560 still sounds better on the Lyr2, also found that my UD-301 DAC's headphone amp sounds better than my Ember so I know its not a power thing and more a synergy or harmonics or whatever, to lazy to get the science part or proof in specs, I just go with what I hear since its really all that matters.
  9. Fearless1

    Sorry, guess I should have worded it different, that's what I was getting at.

    The 560's are incredible off of it. I love the simplicity and power(yeah I said it) of a Nelson Pass amp. The J2 is tubelike without distortion. I dismissed the 560 at first listen thinking it was a bit thin for my taste, then I made a balanced cable and tried it with the J2, just chill inducing!
  10. Fearless1
    I've listened to so much gear between me and my friends/meets, and I have yet to hear the Ember, I have always been curious....
  11. raybone0566
    What pre are you using, Very interested in the first watts. Reno hifi has some good deals
  12. Fearless1
    Was using a vintage NAD(had balanced outs) but recently switched to a Parasound Halo.
  13. nk126

    I've been running my 560s off a Magni 2. No problems at all getting volume without distortion well beyond how loud I like to listen. I usually keep the pot around 10-11 o'clock with the Magni 2 in high gain mode. But the sound is, I think, just a little on the thin/harsh side. They still sound really good - just feel like they could be noticeably better. Running the 560s out of my 20 year old, consumer-level Onkyo A/V receiver, even, makes them sound a little warmer and fuller (in a good way). 
    I finally made up my mind and bought a used Project Polaris to try with the 560s. Should get here this week. 
  14. nk126
    I think I'm now officially in the "My 560s have ruined my other cans for me" club. I got a used Pa2 v2 amp to keep on my bedside table (was dirt cheap, and i've always wanted one). Using it now with some closed-back cans I remember really loving. And I just keep thinking, "Is something wrong? They sound way more muddy and veiled than I remember!"
    Brain burn-in/readjustment is part of it, probably, but mainly I blame having the 560s on my head hours a day, near every day, for the past few months [​IMG]
  15. StanD
    Once you go open, you can't go closed back. [​IMG]
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