HiFiMan HE-500 with lots of accessories!

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    I am looking to sell my pair of HiFiMan HE-500s because I switched to speakers on my desktop.
    The headphones are in good condition and are roughly four and a half years old (Bought January 2014). Only the storage box has seen better days.

    It comes with lots of accessories. First and foremost, there are two 3D-printed earpad mounting rings which make pad rolling much easier and quicker. Of course, you could effortlessly replace these with the included original system if you wish. To be honest though, there is no reason to :)

    I primarily used the HE-500s in conjunction with Brainwavz HM5 velour pads (angled). They improve comfort and sound!

    Also included is a shorter, single-ended cable terminated with a nice 3.5mm connector. I made it myself, using a Mogami microphone cable as source material.

    Here's quick list of all accessories, apart from the headphones themselves:
    - Original box (iffy condition)
    - Original earpad mounting system
    - Original velour earpads
    - Original silver cable
    - Brainwavz HM5 velour pads (angled)
    - DIY shorter cable, single-ended
    - 3D-printed earpad mounting rings
    - Proof of purchase dated to January 2014
    - Instruction manual


    Price: 350€, not including shipping or Paypal fees.

    Item is located in Germany. Postage within EU is roughly 15€.
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  2. SSSN
  3. SSSN
    New Price: 330€, not including shipping or Paypal fees.
  4. silversurfer616

    bin interessiert, allerdings müßte der Kopfhörer nach Neuseeland verschickt werden. I kann Dir Euro 350.- anbieten incl. shipping und paypal.

  5. SSSN

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