HIFIMAN HE-500 Whiplash Reference Hardwired Balanced Headphones
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Feb 1, 2010
These are unique headphones and have seen quite some hours of use since they've been one of my favorites.  Permanently hardwired with Whiplash TWag V2 Reference cable in balanced XLR4 terminated mode, they are the best sounding HE-500s I've heard, period.  As far as I know they are one of a kind.  In addition to the cable mod--which bypass the stock HE-500 RF connectors--these headphones have been outfitted with custom built dampening rings to reduce resonance between the housing and the drivers.  As a result, the 2nd generation leather ear pads are semi-permanently affixed to the ring assembly and cannot be replaced by usual twisting motion.  But it can be done if needed.  The ear pads are in great condition so I would estimate many years of usage out of them.
On the downside the headband shows some sign of wear, that is to be expected.  Functionally and in every way the headphones are in 100% condition.  Because of cosmetics I would (very) conservatively rate them as an overall 7/10 condition on the Audiogon scale. 
I can supply the original HE-500 box, but because this is a non-detachable 8Ft reference cable, they simply won't fit in there anymore.  The cable is much heavier than the stock version and more rigid, but the sound is worth it.
I have much debated whether to offer it up for sale to a good home knowing fully well that it's unlikely to recover but a portion of the original investment.  But it's been well over a year since I've used them last time and it's a sin to let these just sit and gather dust.
So this is a helluva bargain if you live with less than perfect cosmetic condition in exchange owning the best sounding HE-500s out there.  And yes, the headband can be replaced, too by an experienced DYIer.
I will entertain serious offers only (if any) from established members.  PayPal only, I will ship within CONUS for free and eat the PayPal fees.  Ask any questions you like before offers, I'll try to answer them as best I can.  I'd like to make sure you are comfortable with what you're getting if you decide to pick these up.  Thanks for looking!
Oh, and PayPal verified email and shipping address is a must!  I will not ship to any other destination.
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