HiFiMan HE-500 + Optional OCC & Silver Cables
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Nov 27, 2010
Hello fellow head-fiers!  I have for sale a HE-500 in excellent condition.  I'd estimate less than 30 hours of head time on these.  They're definitely a great sounding set of cans, but my collection has grown a bit unruly as of late.  They're in nearly new condition, the only thing preventing me from listing them as mint is a few minor imperfections in the finish on the metal gimbals.  My previous HE-500 also had similar imperfections from the factory (as well as my old HE-5).  I tried my best to photograph it, but it is pretty tough to spot unless it catches the light just right.  
Included in the sale are the HE-500 headphones, the zip-up carrying case (a big improvement over the old storage box, IMO), a pair of pleather pads, a pair of the new velour pads, a set of connectors to fashion a new cable, and the velvet carrying case for the cable.  
For the cable, you may chose either a stock silver cable terminated in a 1/4" plug, or a stock silver cable terminated in a 1/8" plug with a 1/4" adapter provided.  Both were manufactured by HiFiMan.  I'll include both cables for an additional $25.
I am asking for $535 shipped CONUS via FedEx Home Delivery (fully insured, with tracking number provided).  I accept PayPal for payment--gift preferred, but I'd be willing to split the fees if the buyer prefers a different method (e.g., credit card).
I also have a HiFiMan OCC cable available.  It's the same cable that ships with the HE-6 and sells for $149+ shipping directly from HeadDirect.  It features a 4-pin XLR connector attached to the first 2m, and an additional 1m that terminates in a standard 1/4" plug.  It's very flexible and makes a great upgrade to the stock leash (as well as allowing for simple balanced operation).
If you're purchasing the cable with the HE-500, I will include it for an additional $69.  If you'd like to purchase it separately, I'd ask for $79 shipped CONUS.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me a pm.
Thanks for looking!
Edit:  I would prefer to keep the sale within the lower forty-eight for the time being.
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