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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. ThurstonX
    It's on my To Do list.  Someone asked me to compare some cables with the HE-560s (stock, cryo-treated type 2 Litz from plusSounds, and my DIY using Mogami W2799).  To cut to the chase, I prefer my DIY cable, even though it's very similar to the new HFM cable.  The plusSounds seemed a little cleaner, for want of a better word, and didn't seem to have the low end punch or energy of the other two.  I did it in two sessions, but only included the HFM cable in the first.
    I'm making some grills atm, but I'll try to do some similar tests with the HE-500s over the next couple days.  If you'd prefer, I can do just the stock HE-500 cable vs. the new HE-560 cable.  Let me know.
    Note to @StanD: yes, I fully agree that any perceived differences were likely all in my mind [​IMG]
  2. daerron
    @ThurstonX, thanks for the offer, I'd appreciate that very much! Have to say that I'm quite tempted to DIY my own cable. The retail on most after market cables are quite wallet screaming affairs. Difficult to find a source for that W2799 wire..
  3. jaxz

    I think so. It's a decent cable. I have it. Nice and softer than the original silver HE-500. Less microphonic too:


    Good cheap solution.
  4. Drrizzt
    You mean softer physically speaking ? or the sound signature ?
    Speaking of this, is there any change in the sound sig ? i just love the way my he 500 sound, no need to change anything to me so, just wondering.
  5. ThurstonX
    It need not be the W2799.  I just have a good source in Redco Audio here in the US.  $0.64/foot works out to $0.16/foot per conductor, given it's a quad.  Quad is the way to go, given the connections.  Good luck finding a source [​IMG]
    re: the cable comparisons, do you just want the two stock HFMs done?  Given my other two cables are less common, I'd assume so, but let me know.
  6. jaxz

    Physically softer. I did not notice any sonic change, because I wasn't expecting any sound change. I bought the cable for comfort reasons. I hate the way the stock silver cable twists and is longer than i need.
  7. Drrizzt
    Good to hear. Yeah i too hate the original cable, too long and stiff for me. I'm almost glad my cat destroy it.
  8. daerron
    Don't want to burden you unnecessary with complicated comparisons, so the two stock cables would be great already.
  9. Rune1221
    Just ordered HE-500 at a very attractive price. Now I have to get an Amp/DAC (sound familiar till now, I know).
    Been through many posts and reviews, asked for advice from guys at headfonia, the're not really fond of Lyr BTW, don't know for what reason really.
    My budget is I'd say 600$ more or less, for both. I've been looking for used stuff (Burson H160D/DS, Audio-gd NFB 12/15 or whatever - so many numbers they have, Lyr(1,2), LaFigaro 339, Geek Out 1000, EF-5, Duet/Theorem, even considered V200 for a couple of seconds, but my bank account dissuaded me from this).
    Now I see that there's that little new mistery - iFi micro iDSD, that was recently released, received a couple of raving reviews (not from most known sites) and currently out of stock in most international friendly shops (I'm from Israel).
    So the question is - have anyone tried the new iFi yet with any HFMan?
    Is it worth the wait, or are there better alternatives?
    The best one I could think of was used Lyr + some decent DAC (then I'm left with less than $250 for a DAC in best case). 
    Or maybe Geek Out 1000, but in this case I'm not sure if it's powerful enough.
    Please help me guys, I've a feeling the my FiiO E17 won't make a good party with HE-500 once it arrives.
  10. ThurstonX
    Will do.  Makes sense, since those are the only common points of comparison.
  11. Llloyd
    The e17 will sound fine as a placeholder for the time being, but a used lyr+bifrost would probably be quite good for the money if you could get your hands on one.  Not sure of the other DACs in that price range, but you could try the e17 as a dac at first and then upgrade.
  12. hifimanrookie

    ever tried norne audio, toxic cables or DHC cables and then compare to ur cable?...i tried some diy cables on my modded 337 i had...(some of my friends are into diy cable making also)...and they were not good compared to my custom balanced 22awg black widow 8wire cable....whether in builtquality or soundquality...(i owned DHC and got a demo for a while of Norse audio.and even those had a hard time comparing equal to my cable..(all copper cables..i dont like how silver cables sound)...
    BUT...for sure a DIY cable is far less expensive and is probably more performance by the buck.....thats true..but soundwise...no way...
    and to be honest i didnt know of the brand plussounds, so i checked their site, not very cheap i must say, same prices as DHC uses..
    but if they are worse then ur DIY cable then they are heavily overpriced...just my opinion... i saw pics of ur cable..and i respect what u do and u do it well my friend...but i still dont believe any diy cable can outdo a really good higher end quality brand cable (as i said..i tried a couple of them)..and as i said before....not all brands are same quality (sound and built)..eventhough they say so...
    back to lurking...maybe u one day make me the perfect cable for my rig and then i have to swallow all my words...who knows...maybe a challenge for u? lolz
    and stanD,.... yeah i know..we are talking rubbish..cables? sound? What....we are loosing our minds...dont worry..its a temperarely insanity...lolz
  13. ThurstonX
    I spent my cable $$$ on plusSounds.  Anyone ... I'm lookin' at you, Hifi [​IMG] ... wishing to send me their cables for comparison, I'm all over it [​IMG]
    That's all I got.  The rest... is silence (that means I didn't read past the first sentence [​IMG]  Back to the spray paint).
  14. benjaminhuypham
    Highly recommened you the Modded Emotiva Mini X 100 which can be had around or under $180 on sale forum, I have one, it is a very powerful amp and sounds absolutely fantastic with my HE-500. I don't have a dedicated DAC, but at this time I really don't need it. I might be upgrading to a high-end DAC in the near future, but the headphones and amp are simply a phenomenal combination. Luckily, I wrap both for under the cost of brand-new HE-500, unbelievable for the price and performance.
    Only problem I have with HE-500 is that they quite heavy and uncomfortable, so I have to take off after one or two straight-hours listening, pretty irritating thought.    
    Good luck,
  15. daerron
    I've read of lots of people commenting on how nicely they are built and look, but little about how they improved the sound. And those that commented on the sound improvement sound so over-exaggerated I immediately discard them as being objective.
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