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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. Espresto
    Do you guys think it might be possible to mount the HE-500 drivers on the new 400i/560 headband? That would be a fantastic upgrade comfort-wise.
  2. ThurstonX
    I doubt it.  If it were possible, wouldn't HFM have said the new headband/suspension system would work on the HE-500s?  They stated it will not work.
  3. Espresto
    I mean, it might not be a direct replacement, but if the cup dimensions re the same I seems like it could be done. 
  4. StanD
    Makes one wonder about comfort mods for the HE-500's. Well, get moving dude.
  5. ThurstonX
    We look forward to your experiments [​IMG]
  6. ThurstonX
    Neck exercises and custom pads [​IMG]  and red grills [​IMG]  I've been wearing the HE-500s for better than a week, often for a couple hours or more, and with my microsuede pads, I find them very comfortable.  They don't disappear like the HE-560s do, but I'm no inclined to install the pulley system or pony up for a tank of helium.
  7. StanD
    How about a thin strip of foam on the inside of the headband or is that a fool's errand?
  8. ThurstonX
    It's not going to lessen the weight, and I don't see how it helps with any fitting issues.  I have one of those snap-on headband pads, but for me the fit is better without it, and the headband is padded.  Also, my pads and head don't leave much room for additional padding.
    But everyone's different, so it may be worth the effort.  It's certainly simple enough to try.
  9. StanD
    So maybe it's up to perfecting a sky hook for the HE-500's?
  10. Espresto
    I'll email Hifiman and see if it might be possible to buy a headband assembly separately. I doubt it is though, and I'm definitely not going to cannibalize a 560 or 400i. I could claim I own one of the new models and my headband broke, but that seems disingenuous. If I can get ahold of the headband, I'll give it a try.
  11. StanD
    If it's the 500's weight that bothers you, keep in mind that most of the 500's weight is probably due to its magnets, which are not negotiable.
  12. borrego
    Finally got the Q701 pads installed on my HE-500.
    20140822_200947.jpg 20140823_224933.jpg
    The Q701 pads adds more air to the HE-500, sound stage is wider as expected and bass is tuned down a bit. Less V shape sounding compare with the HE-560 production Focus pads.
    With the Q701 pads, I am not sure if I still want to do the open grill mod. The sound stage is wide enough for me now. But comfort wise I prefer the HE-560 production Focus pads a little bit more if the temperature is not high.
  13. Espresto
    I was thinking that the new headband would make the headphones a bit more stable on the head, and maybe be a bit more fashionable. Weight reduction would be a pleasant bonus. I like tinkering, even when it's not really necessary [​IMG]
  14. lestatdi
    Would an O2+ODAC feed the HE500 properly?
    I mean, all the details and the great subbass mentioned here are gone to be present?
  15. CJG888
    In my experience, the O2 is not capable of driving the HE-500 to its full potential. It will lack impact and control.
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