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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. hifimanrookie
    337se is an upgraded 337 with better grade internals...search for pics on google and its easy to see the difference of internals between the se and the regular LAST MODELS.

    Dont forget that there have been a couple of versions over the years to drive phones better and be more stabile...so look for latest models..older models could maybe not be able to drive a he500 well enough.

    339 2013 version has better components also then the older models to be able to drive harder to drive headphones better...in the 339 thread the actual builder showed pics (and explanation) of the difference of the new model... Check it out urself if ur interested.
  2. Llloyd
    Project sunrise is also OTL and that was quite popular with the HE-500 for a while.  So that makes a nice little list of OTL amps people like with the headphone which is fun to see.  Not sure how these rumors get started, but in my experience the HE-500 does well with just about any amp, it's not really picky about how the sound comes in as long as it gets there.
  3. shayson1357
    any benefit to choosing project ember(with sc heater option) instead of sunrise III ?
  4. davidsh
    Well, for starters the ember has more output power. 
  5. Drrizzt
    I suggest to buy the cheaper Sunrise, past 12'o it gets VERY loud, no need for more volume. Quality wise, i dunno if there's much difference between the two.
  6. shayson1357
    my PC's on-board realtek can get ear-piercingly loud with most of my headphones but the sound coming out is utter garbage [​IMG](not exaggerating) so how loud a headphone gets at a certain dial point is no indication to the quality of the amp, not in the slightest.
    You need an amp that can grab your headphones by the balls(so to speak) [​IMG]
  7. hifimanrookie
    with grab by the balls u mean control, right? And with that i agree..its not about 118db (What..who listens to those levels anyway.. Thats insane).... And control can only come from an amp thats built up with quality internals..and unluckily..many of those dont come very cheap..with more affordable stuff the brand always has to cut corners somewhere to push out those huge amount of power some amps pump out at that low price..they cant magically make stuff for free or get stuff for free from their parts suppliers, and on top of that they have to make a living also.and some make a very good living by selling affordable equipment (i understand that the owner of RSA has a avendador). Think about that... :D
  8. daerron
    Sunrise has nice synergy with the HE-500, but it lacks a bit on the bass and dynamics, especially compared to the Mini-X. I'd go with the Ember. Supercharger lets you use more tubes.
  9. Ultramus
    As far as I've read RSA has a great reputation, the Dark Star is widely considered one of the best amps for the HE-6 IIRC
  10. hifimanrookie
    i know..thats why he has that avendador..he sells a lot..lolz i was not sayin they sell bad stuff..i just said their core market is the low to mid fi tier priced stuff..and they are good at that...and have milllions of happy customers..i believe the biggest amount of bucks can be earned in that pricerange anyway
  11. Ultramus
    Ah alright, I think predominantly they are geared towards the CIEM market, if I had gone down that path I would definitely have considered them.
  12. elwappo99
    Actually from those who have heard it the Dark Star is supposed to be a $200 amplifier sitting in a $1000 case selling for $3.5k. From those people whose opinion I trust, the amplifier is pretty bad for any headphone, let alone a demanding headphone like the HE-6.  Don't let price tags fool you [​IMG]
  13. StanD
    Heck, I'm with you about overpriced kit and the associated emotional responses. [​IMG]
    It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get a mere few watts of clean quality power.
    I await the storm that follows.  [​IMG] 
  14. hifimanrookie
    Not all 'expensive' (or less affordable) amps are designed or made equal :D some even could surprise (in a good way) the biggest unbeliever :p

    And i also heared the dark star is all about raw power and less on refinement..but as long i didnt hear one myself i dont like to say anything about it..as its just hearsay..and i only want to give opinions based on my own personal experience..whether people agree with me or not...and that brand is indeed more geared to iem (more mobile) market....and it does superb on that market as far i know.
  15. StanD
    I updated my post after you responded.
    "It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get a mere few watts of clean quality power."
    Overpaying is not necessary, but anyone is free to do as they wish. [​IMG] 
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