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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. Ultramus
    At a recent meet someone plugged their lcd3s into my Mjolnir and was pretty impressed, I think most people actually encourage the MJ for audeze and some dislike it for the hifimans, though I definitely love it with mine. You can check the thread here and read people's opinions on it. If it had a SE output I feel more people would give it a try, it's very reasonable price is offset by really needing a balanced DAC as well.
  2. borrego
    In my opinion, the Corda Concerto is properly as best as a SS amp can get before going into the "Diminishing ROI" territory. Beyond that you can spent 2 to 3 times of the money and may be getting another 10% of improvement. And the best thing of the Corda Concerto is its small physical footprint, which you can easily put it on your desktop in a CAS setup.
    I have the Corda Classic (also bought used) and it drives my HE-500 wonderfully. And I once I have tried crossfeed, it is difficult to listen to music without this option.
    Beyond the Corda Concerto, you can probably go down 2 different paths: a) a even more revealing balanced output SS amp like the Audio-gd Master 9 for opening up the sound stage and improving clarity of the HE-500, or (b) a powerful, low noise tube amp like the La Figaro 399 to drive the HE-500 more euphonically.
    But both the Master 9 and La Figaro 339 are large in physical footprint.
    Thus I will recommend you the Project Ember with the Super Charger option, a small little powerful amp with just a single tube to roll, auto bias setting, and quick to warm up. Perfect for 1st time tube amp user. This will be the tube amp I will buy (if I am going to buy one) to team with my Corda Classic.
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  3. davidsh
    Your money is better spent on a new headphone or something IMO.
  4. Llloyd
    You state my experiences as well.  In general as price goes up, depending on the amp of course, power goes up.  Many more powerful headamps are around today giving us a lot of options.  When I purchased my taboo, there were maybe half as many options in the 700-1500 range I was looking.  Eventually it ended up being a tossup between the v200 and the taboo and the taboo won because of its ability to power sensitive speakers.  Of course certain amps may be designed for 300-600 ohms so it might not get that kind of power into 38-50.
    It's worth pointing out the freak of nature (by most peoples standards) in this argument about power which apparently sounds great with the HE-500.. The WA-22
    Quote: http://www.head-fi.org/t/402215/the-woo-audio-2/645#post_8629243
  5. elwappo99
    Mjolnir and Audezes are indeed a super sweet pairing. I was tempted to sell my HE-500 in lieu of some Audeze with that Schiit, but I think Audeze's are overpriced for their performance. Hifiman and Mjolnir is unfortunately not such a sweet pairing. I think you can use a SE DAC with the Mjolnir?
    Yup, definitely this. Spent a lot of time playing with higher end amplifiers and found the emotiva easily beats "headphone" amplifiers. Save your $$$ and drop it on something else.
  6. Dogmatrix
    Of my two OTL amps the LaFigaro 332s does not get along with the HE500 , it does not appear to be a power issue in that there is no clipping at high volume and the bass is strong and clean . Midrange presentation is really awful muffled and very distant
    My other OTL amp an enthusiast built special similar to a BottleHead Crack does exhibit lack of power symptoms with the HE500 at high volume
    Fitted with a 6as7g or 6080wa tube it clips badly when pushed however substitute a 5998 , 2399 or 421a and all is well no clipping and good clean sound
    I wonder if there is some kind of magic synergy between the HE500 and the Tung-Sol 5998 family
  7. hifimanrookie
    good that u say that about the lcd3.. I listened to them through the 337 i had..and both the lcd 2.2 and the lcd3 didn't sound to well on the 337, it was a but to muffled..didnt like it.. (even with the vintage very cold sounding svetlana tubes i had back then) ...but they sounded well from the lyr (1)..in which the owner had globes something (dont know exactly which ones) premium tubes in it... So in my opinion..if u at a certain point wanna get a lcd3 and not upgrade ur amp then...then the lyr could be ur best bet in that pricerange..

    but for the he500... No doubt..i liked it better then the lyr.... All imho ofcourse... :wink:
  8. joespride
    I currently use the CEntrance DacMini with the HE500 with superb results...........................
  9. hifimanrookie
    The 332 is a totally different designed amp then its bigger sister the 339 or the darkvoice 337.. In the past that has been explained a few times already...u cant compare them in any way in how they drive planars...
    As far i understand the tubes u mentioned actually increases the poweroutput...about 2procent some said..as they are high gain tubes..am not technnical...but thats what they said...andi agree..in my 337 i had 5998 as powertubes and sj7gt mesh plates as driver tubes..both from tung sols...loved it with the he500..u can see them clearly on my pics :wink:
    Look at this pic and u will see why u cant compare both amps..hint..the 2 huge bulps on top with its own dedicated power supply delivery...two powercords helps in this matter..lolz

  10. Dogmatrix
    Never made any comparison between 332 and 339 I know they are different I own one
    Just thought it was interesting that one OTL amp is not good and the other also OTL is good
    When OTL is often mentioned as something to avoid with the HE500
    Since the only other OTL amp recommended is the 339/337 it would seem OTL is ok as long as you run 5998 tubes
  11. Ultramus

    Using a single ended DAC with the MJ is possible, just not recommended. As for it's pairing with the he-500, I think you need a DAC like the audio-gd, a brighter DAC would likely not pair as well.
  12. hifimanrookie
    I dont think its only about the tubes..i used my 337 when i still had the svetlana tubes in it with the he500..and it drove it well...(but only with the 5998 the sound became really addictive)..more powerful..I think its more about the reserves an amp has...an OTL amp is wellknown not to be at its best to provide current into low ohms...but somehow the builders of the 337/339 found a way..although the amp got huge and heavy because of that..But i guess that was only way.
  13. Dogmatrix
    Yes 337/339 blah blah the point I am attempting to make is I have an OTL amp that works well with the HE500 and the only similarity to the 337/339 is the 5998 tube and it has only one
  14. hifimanrookie
    Good for u..sorry if i didnt understand the point u were making :wink:
  15. shayson1357
    seems that the 337 and 339 are really popular with the he-500 [​IMG]
    anyone know of the difference between the 337 and the THA337SE version
    or between the 339 and 339 2013 version ? [​IMG]
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