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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. hifimanrookie
    Nope..never stop..as u say..imagining things..and i honestly hope u one day will hear a blue circle amp..any amp of them..as they are made with one simple fact in mind...sounding as best as possible with almost non of the flashy overpriced estethics.....look at my amp..more simpler u cant find....
    .but okay..its built like a rock..and heavy as a ton..but only because whats inside..i hope u agree with me that if the components inside of the amp is high quality..the price can be accordingly? Or the labor hours?

    As those are..and i quote u..overpriced amps..moneywise..but if u..quoting u, are open to it..u maybe will find out that maybe..just maybe...BC altough more expensive then 200usd..are actually worth the money...soundwise..

    nothing imaginary about that..but i do agree with u..not all amps are created equal....i know what u mean with some amps having a huge price sticker and not delivering for what they are selling for..mostly estethics...thats not rocket science also...
    But as i said many times...i dont disaprove affordable amps...hell..i started out with probbaly the least expensive amp that can actually drive the he500.. It was not fun..but it didnt distord also...but back in the days i loved how it sounded..god knows how my perception of soundquality changed when i heard the modded 337 i got next...it hit me like a rock..and didnt expected it!! .both drove the he500 to normal listening levels..but omg..the difference how they did it..
    So maybe its my head who keeps on improving..or equalizing how i can hear my music..but i couldnt be more happy that it does that.. Hehehe

    But honestly..u are not real if u say that most expensive amps are not worth it..as thats not true...IMHO. As u would put a wooaudio wa6 on same level as a shiit valhalla if that would be true..or a cavalli amp to a o2 or a BC. Amp to a Lyr..or a matrix mstage to a mcintosh headphone amp. Etc. Etc. All can drive a he500 to decent volume levels...but its the way how they do it what counts..whether its measureble or not.

    But my imaginairy (lolz) friend..we will never agree on that... :D ru planning to upgrade to the shiit topmodel one day?

    And ur last line..that amps not delievering whats on paper..thats so true my friend....i totally agree with u on that...and the headphone is indeed very important for the experience..but if the source/dac/amp is not good enough then the headphone wont magically make it sound good ....
    Have good night my friend...its 4am here..need my beauty sleep. :D
    Have fun chatting!
  2. StanD
    You remind me of the days when men looked at the night sky and proclaimed that the sun, moon and stars revolved around the Earth as they were fooled by their simple observations and fears. Some came along with closer observations, science and math. They were able to determine that this was not true and that it was the Earth that rotated and the Earth and planets revolved around the sun and stars appeared to rotate around the earth, but is was the Earths rotation that fooled them. And so it plays again with headphones, electronics, perception and beliefs.
    I believe that your headphones are more important than your amp. Do you think that your headphones revolve around your amp? [​IMG]
  3. hifimanrookie
    Its good that i remind u of the good old days without the iphones, facebook, hybrid cars (prius), and we went out into the woods killing food for our plates. :D

    But still even if u have a lcd3 or my code-x, Using it on a o2/odac amp (as example), wont make the music sound good..i agree that the headphone is in a big way responsible for the music experience..but the rest is just as important.....if s.h.i.t. goes in.. S.h.i.t. Comes out.... No matter how good the endstation (headphones or speakers) of ur rig is :D
  4. davidsh
    Hfmrookie and Stan, I wonder how many times we have been over this? No one is gonna get any closer to an agreement, lol [​IMG] 
    I know what you think about the subject, you know what each other think and you likely know what I think.
  5. hifimanrookie
    big brother is watching us :D but ur right :beerchug:

    Ps..tomorrow u have ur info for ur holiday..hVe been very busy...
  6. StanD
    Have a drink and don't overthink.
  7. davidsh
    Sorry to disappoint but I am already back home again, amsterdam's a nice city. Didn't even have time for hifi :frowning2:
    It's remarkable how flat the Netherlands are btw.
  8. Liu Junyuan
    Excuse me, but what's wrong with the Lyr/HE-500 pairing?
  9. hifimanrookie
    i am guessing ur replying to my post..i didnt say they dont pair wel..they do actually..but i was just comparing budget amps to more higher end amps.. For a budget amp it does very well..but u can do better..thats what i meant..nothing wrong with that amp if u get the right (buggle?) tubes in it for its money worth. :wink:
    And is a very good choice for stepping into better sounding amps for the he500, just like the 337/339 amps...both in same price range..and both bety good in driving the he500.. With the right tubes ofcourse. :D
  10. StanD
    Do you get a sales commission?
  11. hifimanrookie
    eventhough u try to be funny..u know what u just posted is a dangerous thing right? People get banned or worse for that! Its not even funny to make a joke about that..as many honest brands/people are wrongfully accused and in worst cases get banned..and here in europe u can get jailtime for that!!!..and NAMES destroyed..well..am sure part of my name is already down the drain because of such smartass jokes like urs.

    .because of jokes like that (its not first time u used this joke against me!) i got a pm from one of our beloved moderators asking me if i am paid by a certain brand as SOMEONE asked him about me being paid by brands...was that u maybe? This is nuts!!!
    ! And i told him straight what i thought about that......

    being funny is one thing..but using these kind of jokes is almost slandering! So pls...use ur head like u say u use a lot!

    And dont joke about SERIOUS things who can damage people...i already felt it by receiving that ' friendly' pm from a moderator...and its a lie..if i would be paid by anyone i would probably have the most expensive rig here on headfi....as i dont do half work! But u wouldnt even know it... As i would be super 'positive' about the stuff Guys like u wanna and can buy...and not the stuff i owe for which i work sometimes 12hrs a day and in weekends...
    ...if u wanna be funny..use ur head...ur not funny.....

    And to all of u..saying or thinking i am overreacting: i would like to see ur face when a moderator asks u if ur being paid off... With the risk of being banned or worse...And then tell me if i am overreacting on this 'joke'.

    And to be hinest..i dont even know why i bother sinking so low as u are...and i am so silly..thinking ur a great guy...damn..how could i be so wrong...who needs friends like u..trying to ...in every way they can...
  12. davidsh
    That one was a little sudden, but I totally understand you! Crossing the ways of mods is never funny.. 
  13. hifimanrookie
    no it isnt and some people are playing very dirty my friend..probably PAID off people by certain competitive brands to discredit me because i like their competitors...and those paid off people this timed used the moderators to do their work..the moderators cant help it..its their job to check it out..even if there is the slighest doubt..and i deeply respect them..no wrong word about them! Without them headfi would be a total chaos with only one rule..the strongest and most devious wins.
    Am not saying stan is paid off...am sure he isnt..he justbtried to be funny..as he always does....but those jokes only give more powder on the guns of those who are willing to scratch me (and other honest people, i am sure) from headfi..or even worse hit the brands i love so much....as for some (headphone/cable/headphone amp) brands headfi is a big part of their income..and it could seriously criple them...And i dont believe no one with the heart on the right side on headfi.wants that!

    Thanks for understanding..hope my post makes people open up their eyes that jokes like this can actually do lots of hurt! And i felt it already..... And its not fun knowing people are after u..hiding behind this virtual world and using our moderators or others against u...in real life i would find out who tried to frame me..as i did many times now...that was my job once..
    .i asked the moderator for the name of the guy who asked him to check me out...but never got an answer who it was..and i asked him also: ask urself why That person asked u to do that.....yep..no answer also. :xf_eek:
  14. StanD
    Are you serious? I didn't perceive you pushing any particular brand, just pushing the high priced concept and responded with humor. Chill out dude.
  15. ThurstonX
    Yeah, I went back and actually read all the posts on page 947 and didn't perceive anything near amounting to Blue Circle BLUE CIRCLE BLUE CIRCLE!  Nor have I ever seen HiFi say, And be sure to mention my name at checkout!  There's certainly a difference between shilling and proselytizing.  Seems there's a rat out there somewhere.  Touchy subject, to be sure.  Chillaxin' is in order.
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