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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. dashelj
    I have recently acquired the He-500.  I find when I listen to them my ears get fatigued fairly quickly and it feels like it is from the bass.  This being my first taste of orthodynamics except for a 10 minute try out of the LCD2 I am not used to this much bass.  However when I switch to a pair of AKG712 headphones (with far less bass), everything over the entire range feels a bit hollow over the whole range.  Or does bass really cause much fatigue - is it usually coming from higher frequencies?  I am using an Musicstreamer II+ and an Asgard 2.  I will probably end up just messing with the equalizer in Foobar but any suggestions would help.  It feels silly to EQ out the deep bass that the orthos do so well
    Other than that these are by far the best sounding headphones I have ever worn.  The detail is marvelous.  And everything just feels so natural.  I was a bit disappointed with the sound stage at first, especially after hearing the HD800 recently, but I kind of realized that a lot of my music might not necessarily have a wide soundstage.
  2. dashelj
    Haha actually if I use the low gain setting on the Asgard it helps reduce some of the low end bass while still keeping the fullness across the range.  The 712 and the 500 sound remarkably similar in that case.  Again it does seem silly to me to change the sound of the HE-500 to sound like the AKG712.  Might as well pick one or the other.  The 500s are still an edge more detailed and sound closer and more realistic, just seems funny to make one headphone sound like another.  
    I am undecided on the 500s.  They are the best headphone I have really had a chance to listen to that is reasonably affordable and reasonably easy to drive.  But they don't seem to agree with me quite yet.  Perhaps I need a burn in period!
  3. shayson1357
    try burning them in for a couple of days and then give us your impressions [​IMG]
    and imho I don't think that your asgard is providing enough current for your he-500, just saying [​IMG]
  4. davidsh
    Please don't blame it on the amp. Regardless, I tend to get fatigued by HE-500 at times, though not by 5le and 560. Seems it's from the bass though I'm not sure. I know MLE has had problems with bass fatigue from different headphones as well.
  5. StanD
    If the Asgard 2 didn't supply enough current, the result would be less bass and as a consequence there would be gobs of distortion. Clearly not the case.
  6. hifimanrookie
    Not enough power can also be shown as raw sound...peaky treble or uncontrolled bass and so a Very fatiqueing sound...a wellchosen and powerful enough amp should give the he500 a wellbalanced and relaxing sound signature in which the midrange really shines...bass and treble would sound a bit recessed...not agressive at all.
  7. dashelj
    Thanks for the suggestions.  The headphones were bought used and are about 6-7 months old.  I am presuming they are burned in but I don't reliably know how much they were used.  The Asgard 2 and the MSII+ are the only components I have heard the HE500 with.  Perhaps I just happen to have a combination that doesn't work for me.  I might see if I can take my headphones to a store and test them out with other combinations.  
    Unfortunately the solution is probably the good old give it a few weeks and see how I feel.  Maybe it will provide an excuse to look at the HE560!
  8. shayson1357
    acceptable bass quantity is a relative subject, the he-500 is a really bass-light headphone when compared to the Sony xb series headphones for example but bass heavy when compared to some of Beyerdynamic's offerings, some people get fatigued really quickly with the Sony's ridiculous amount of bass while others can endure it for hours on end....so nothing is particularly wrong with he-500, just a matter of taste, you should try several headphones if you have the chance(including the 560) maybe you'll find a headphone that suits you [​IMG] 
  9. dashelj
    Yeah that is how I see it. I don't think anything is wrong with the he500. It just might be how my ears are. I do love the sound of it though so I am going to give it a few weeks and check out some other headphones in the meantime. It is tough to find high end headphones to try out where I am. I have been able to try out sennheiser and AKG high end headphones. Only the HD800 sounded better than the he500 to me. At about three times the cost
  10. Liu Junyuan
    Could it also be the Dac:can combo? Which pads are you using by the way?
  11. dashelj
    I have the velour pads on right now. I forgot about the other ones. I will give them a try as well. People seem to like the velour ones more
  12. vlach

  13. DaemonSire
    Personally, I prefer the pleather's on the HE500.
  14. vlach

    Based on your comments I suspect you might like the T1.
  15. dashelj
    I was considering the T1 but I couldn't find anywhere to listen to it. It was the same for the 500 but I got a good enough deal that I figured I could sell it if it didn't work. The good part is that now I have the impetus to check out a few different types of headphones
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