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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. Majestyk
    So will grill mod have the same effect or will it be different?
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  2. vlach
    In my case removing the grills made a slight difference in openess and clarity but i certainly wouldnt describe the difference as dramatic, night & day or the second coming of Christ. It is a marginal difference.
  3. Majestyk
    Yes, you are correct. Grills off made a VERY slight difference but not enough to bother so I put them back on. I think I'm going to sell these and try something else. I still have the HD600's coming but my wife is giving them to be for xmas so I have to wait. :)

    If I could find something to put near the grills (about an inch or two away) without holding them, I would have kept them.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  4. bagwell359
    Hold on. Changing pads and screens at the same time make a huge difference - if its the right pad. The screen change makes a big difference in the 200-500 Hz land, w/ screens adding too much reverb. Listened to my 500's (fuzzor, pads, screen, dynamat/sorbothane, cables) last night for two hours what a break after the way overly intense HE6SE.

    what do you listen too? The 600 are great for classical, but jazz, rock, modern music I go for the 500. They also make a great compliment for each other.
  5. bagwell359
    get some finger snaps, low male voices, any percussion w/ wood. Soundstage also gets wider, much wider with the MrSpeakers Ether Angled.
  6. bagwell359
  7. Majestyk
    I'm not ditching them yet. I just ordered the Monoprice THX 887 amp.and I'll see what they sound like on that. Maybe the vintage receiver I'm using isn't a good match for these cans, although some of the prior headphones I've had sounded better on this receiver than they did on a couple of older dedicated HP amps I tried.

    The fuzzor mod is something I'm not interested in doing. It's a little too 'mody' for me and might be harder to sell the headphones if it comes to that. (Plus these cans are in near new shape and hardly been played)

    I listen to classic & semi-modern rock/pop.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  8. Ethereal Sound
    I did the fuzzor mod recently and love how the sound has changed. Things do sound more focused and less "ringy" in the treble region. I like to use EQ to boost the subbass a bit on these and it's wonderful for my listening habits.
  9. bagwell359
    2 wpc solid state should do it. If you read the reviews from InnerFidelity around 2011, the HE-500 was considered the best dollar for dollar can among the elite and no worse than the 3rd best bass can.

    fuzzor is easy to install and easy to remove. There are hundreds of posts regarding it. What it does IMO is keep mid and highs from cancelling each other, as well as cut down on un-musically quick reverberations. Recordings are meant to be heard in rooms on speakers. Headphones cannot give you those extended times of bounced sound coming to your ear - which are the cues for distance, space; so you have to remove as many early non direct sound as possible. The HE-500 does have ringing (force over area drivers do not stop quickly). the steps i take including fuzzor essentially cuts down things that my ear hears as IM distortion.

    The stock cable is microphonic and gives too much emphasis to the highs. cskippy and others really like the HE-500 with the MrSpeakers Ether Angled pads ($79). dynamat is cheap and really helps curtail some of the overly underdamped parts of the bass they have.

    I've probably written more in this thread than anyone else the past two years. Great cans, can be made greater.
  10. Majestyk
    Ok, thanks for all your info. The pads I have now (Ori Lamskin, stock plush and pleather) will have to do. I have no more money to spend on these. I'll consider trying the fuzzor mod if they sound better with the new amp. I also have a balanced cable for these.
  11. bagwell359
    Some people think Ori's are the best, just about everybody has these in the top 5 for the 500, so no need to fuss there. If the amp is stronger into XLR that's a big win too.
  12. Ethereal Sound
    I personally love the auteur pads for the He500. Was gonna get ori but Zach convinced me to try the auteur pads instead. They are phenomenally comfortable and sound great.
  13. Mosabexo
    I have the weirdest thing happening with my HE-500. A couple of months ago, I had the driver on the right cup die on me. One day, I clicked on the play button but there's absolutely no sound coming from the right driver, not even a hiss so I declared it dead. After a period of sadness (which still lingers) given the cans I truly loved and used for 5+ years is dead and then realizing that there are no substitutes or clear significant upgrades within reasonable costs ($1500 or less), I decided to purchase another one used.

    Before I took the plunge, I decided to re-test the cans for the heck of it last night... Ta daa, the right driver works perfectly normal!! Mind you, it was only for 5ish minutes before it died again. This made me confident that it's not a 100% driver failure like I thought, but something else. The sound that I heard from the right channel was perfectly normal so never indicating a broken driver to my ears. However, when it stopped producing any sounds whatsoever, it absolutely was dead. What's mind boggling is the following:

    - I don't think it's a cable issue. I tried 2 cables, and even interchanged the cord working on the left driver to the right driver but to no avail.
    - I don't think it's an amp issue. I tried my ifi Micro iDSD, Emotiva a-100-miniX, and no amp at all but to no avail.

    ^ I did the above in troubleshooting both times when I first suspected a driver failure, and last night when it suddenly worked and then died again. In both trials, the right driver didn't respond

    So what could be happening with my cans and how can it fix it/make it work again?

    Greatly appreciate your help and input fellow HE-500ers :) !
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2020 at 8:55 AM
  14. buke9
    Intermittent problems are the worst to find as it can be many different things. Different amps and cables didn’t change things so a driver failure is probably the case but still could be the internal wiring as well. Without a multimeter to test it it is just hard to say.
  15. GREQ
    I had exactly the same problem with an HE-400.
    It's most likely the cable from the driver to the mmcx connector inside the headphone.
    For someone with a little experience and a soldering iron, it's a pretty easy fix.
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