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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. bagwell359
    The Ethers don't increase the 1-5k area, they are depressed through that area as are most cans, just not as much as the Ori's.

    Also, I think it's not just extra bass on the Ori, I think it's underdamped extra bass, something I go out of my way to avoid.

    Ori's more coherent than the Ethers? Not for me. cskippy said the balance of the bass/mids/highs are most ideal with the Ethers. Bottom line - if you are happy, that's fine.
  2. GREQ
    I wrote that the 115mm pads are more coherent than the ori pads.
    I find that the balance of bass/mids/highs are most ideal with them... I'm not sure why you keep mentioning over and over that 'cskippy' prefers the Ethers, or that it's in his 2nd tier ... That's kind of irrelevant to the discussion, especially at this point after it's being beaten out like a dead horse.
    I get the feeling you can't simply let me have my opinion without having the last word.

    Bottom line is, I am happy. You do you.
  3. bagwell359
    I mentioned 2nd tier once, considering there were 10 or more cans under examination that's not really an insult. I ended with "If you are happy, that is fine." You seem upset, please feel free to have the last word, if you like.
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  4. GREQ
    The last word.
  5. JL3001
    Been a HE-500 owner for the last 6 months and these cans have been phenomenal.....right up until it started with a driver imbalance and slight ringing on certain frequencies this past week, which I haven't been able to diagnose. Not sure whether I should look for another one on the used market, or explore cans which share some similarities. Love the mids, wish for a tad more midbass. Any suggestions?
  6. bagwell359
    The closest thing is the HFM HE-6 - or of course the HE-500's. HE-6's are tough to find and more expensive than 500's (~$900), and need at least 15 watts to work well.

    The next closest would be: modded Fostex T50RP's (ZMF Masters or PETEREK's - per user Rahmnetin) or a really excellent pair of Audeze LCD2-2C with EQ.

    Further away: the 400i or 4XX - more midbass (not much deep bass), and more treble, sadly no magic mids; MrSpeakers Ether 1.1 Closed - in case you need a closed can.

    Still, compared to a nicely modded HE-500, there is no comp, not really.
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  7. trellus
    Have you heard the HE-6se? Would you say it is comparable to the HE-6?
  8. bagwell359
    No I wish.... I heard its better in some ways but doesn't have the bass slam. So yeah it probably ranks as a close but expensive comp.
  9. JL3001
    Hmm, thanks for the suggestions. For the ZMF Masters, looking them up it looks like the Atticus is the next step. Would it be worth looking into them? I've heard other ZMF models, like the Eikon, Auteur, and Omni.

    I wasn't bowled over much by the 400i or the 4XX, though the 400i was my introduction to the Hifiman brand.

    And the LCD-2C, I still need to get more more head time with, but I've heard the 2, 3, and X. Capable cans, but I'm very inexperienced at EQing!
  10. bagwell359
    The 400i an 4xx are not close matches, but because of the cost vs some other high priced cans that are comps I thought I'd throw them out there. I have a 4xx, and it's used only on a DAP when I'm outside, and in the mood - last time about 4.5 months ago.

    Don't know the Atticus, suposed to be a bass can. Getting interested in the Verite myself.
  11. buke9
    The Atticus is pretty good on bass they are a bit warmer than the Eikons but do have a bit more bass than them. Love the Verites one of my new favorites and have a pair of Cocobolo being delivered at ZMFESTIVUS in a little under 2 weeks .
  12. bagwell359
    Wow, you must be getting excited!

    I should have $2-3.5k to spend on one TOTL can this Winter. My local high end dealer doesn't even have the E2 in stock yet, so I'll have to travel - not a problem, just time. I'm 62 3/4, another 4-5 years and a Verite will sound like DT770 to me, so must strike soon!
  13. buke9
    Yes I am ; )
    Getting ready to turn 57 next month so I understand where you’re coming from.
  14. Majestyk
    I'm trying to find a case for my HE-500's, one where I can leave the cable attached. Does such a thing exist?
  15. bagwell359
    Probably, but it would be a 3rd party item I'd wager. I just got the Brainwavz Alara about 3 weeks ago. It has a really nice slim look, but it's about 10% too small for the 500's. They make other ones I believe.
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