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Hifiman HE 500 for Sale

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by leg-ranger, Jul 15, 2013.
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  1. leg-ranger
    For Sale
    I've decided to sell everything!

    This is a wonderful pair of cans and I know the regret will come from selling but I'm in need of funds. The Zombie Apocolypse is just around the corner and daddy needs a new long gun.

    They are in flawless condition but only come with one custom cable. The cable is 5 ft long and terminated with an Ibasso Hirose plug. I'm including a hirose to 1/4 adapter. I'm also including both sets of ear pads and leather denon pads that came with when I purchased them. Hifiman soft case too....

    Pics will be up tomorrow, a.m.

    If you have any concerns, questions, need marital advice, or if you just need your ego stroked, shoot me a message!

    As always, thanks for looking, happy listening, and have a nice friggin day!!
  2. Tjj226 Angel

    Hey if anyone asks, I am the first in line for these headphones!!!!!! GO AWAY EVERYONE ELSE>
  3. AngelicFantasy

    You should let Simca get these.
  4. Tjj226 Angel

    Simca already has a pair that she reviewed.

    Simca may be getting my Q701s if sinx7 decides to go with the k702s :wink:
  5. IEEE802
    pm send
  6. IEEE802

    I have k702, i believe these are same quality, the only different is the the tone turning. Q701 was turned by Quincy style. K702 is original AKG style.
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