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Hifiman HE-5 original walnut edition

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by reaction, Aug 1, 2018.
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  1. reaction
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    I am selling my Hifiman HE-5 headphones in very good condition. These are one of the finest orthodynamics ever made - excellent natural tonality of the acoustic instruments (wooden chambers!), extremely fast (with the proper amp), huge 3D soundstage, powerful and articulate bass.

    I upgraded the velour pads to genuine leatherette pads with removed dust clothes, which extended the lower end and cleared the slightly muffed highs (through dust protectors). The removed dust protectors are part of the pads, not of the headphones, so the headphones are in an intact original condition.

    Zero cracks or bumps on the wood. The original unmodded velour pads are also included.

    Used with care in a pet-free, dust-free and smoke-free environment. NO CABLE INCLUDED - just the headphones + their original box in good condition. I will keep my Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 cable, but I highly recommend next owner to buy the same cable (or similar OCC copper cable), because the synergy between HE-5 and Black Dragon V2 is second to none! The original silver plated cable was crap and I dumped it some years ago.

    Serial number handwritten on the box:

    I would ship to worldwide, but shipping to the European Union is preferred due to better logistics. I ship with priority door-to-door courier service from Bulgaria, EU. Shipping costs to EU: 25.00 €; to USA: 75.00 €. For other locations - please ask.

    I accept PayPal

    Thank you

    20180801_151212.jpg 20180801_151059.jpg 2018-08-01 15.09.15.jpg 20180801_150506.jpg 20180801_150531.jpg 20180801_150514.jpg 20180801_150603.jpg 20180801_150552.jpg 20180801_150734.jpg 20180801_150706.jpg 2018-08-01 15.17.42.jpg 20180801_150843.jpg 20180801_150334.jpg 20180801_150401.jpg
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    Price drop
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    Limited time offer: FREE EU shipping, to USA and Canada: 50.00 €
    The offer expires on Friday, 24 August, 12:00 noon CET

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