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HiFiman HE-4XX itchy, need earpad

  1. smashrc
    I brought Massdrop HiFiman HE-4XX and got itchy ear every time I wear it. So, I think I need to change the ear pad with less sensitive material. Want to know:

    1. Where I can get a ear pad?
    2. How to change the ear pad? it seems it is glued

    Thanks a lot.
  2. carlman14
    The earpads are glued to the connector ring that attaches to the rest of the headphone. If you want to remove the earpads, you have to disconnect the connector ring from the headphones.

    In order to replace the pads with new ones, you have to either buy a new set of connector rings from the hifiman website, or ruin your current earpads by separating the earpads from the rings. Once you have the rings by themselves, you can buy after-market earpads and attach those to the connector ring, and attach the rings back on to the headphones.

    As for new earpads, I highly recommend the ZMF ori pads. They are super comfortable and in my opinion, improve the sound a little.

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