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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. DavidA
    should get to try some of the newer alternate grado driver like the Ypsilon r2 and nhoord ver2
  2. Music freak
    Sure. I will check them out. thanks
  3. mks100
    For those looking for a different or replacement cable I just purchased this one and would recommend it.  Not sure if there is an audible difference but it is more manageable for me...
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  4. wigglepuff
    has anyone taken a graph test on the late model 400i and compared it to earlier release?
  5. drwlf

    Not directly that I've seen (even on other forums), but it's been discussed. Thanks to @James Myers for these:
  6. zerolight
    My 400i have arrived from the US to the UK last night. I'm looking forwards to getting home to check them out (working away right now). Hopefully my eBay seller hasn't sent me a bunch of rocks. :D
  7. zerolight
    I ordered one of these extension cables from an eBay seller. Looks well made. I've tested it with my Angies. As expected, it's a cable, there's zero change to the sound. The main thing is that it seems pretty well made.
    I went 2m in length as that makes it comfortable to plug into my AxeFX II XL when playing the guitar at home, having a cable long enough to position my headphones without the cable interfering with the guitar. Not sure I need it when using my 400i with my Mojo, but we will see when I get them out the box.
  8. drwlf

    Welcome to the bunch! Let's hope the 400i is without QC issues.
  9. Ceteru
    I've been on a kick recently exploring new music with my new 400i's.. Tonight I stumbled across a new EP on Bandcamp that was a really fun listen for me.
    The intro bass on the first track of this EP almost makes you wince in pleasure, and the vocals are smooth and sweet. When she really gets up there in the high notes, I think it's a good way to test the highs on your cans, to see if you can clearly distinguish the end of the word "porcelain", as she finishes it still in the high range and some cans would merely smear the note together.
    The second track has a more midrange and low end focus, from the vocals to the piano to the constant bass kick to the snaps. Although she raises the pitch at points, she always sinks back down to a lower range, and I love the smoothness of the transition. At one point towards the end of the track, brass comes into play and the warm notes kind of peek out of the surrounding layers of sound nicely.
    All in all, I really enjoyed this EP I stumbled across and I thought my fellow 400i users might enjoy it too. (Sorry for the impromptu mini-review [​IMG])
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  10. zerolight
    Headphones arrived safely. I'm a little disappointed though as seller told me these were new and sealed direct from Hifiman. The security seal on the bottom of the box had clearly been cut open before these were shipped then sealed over again. The documents inside have corners bent suggesting again that it's been opened. The cord was not tightly wrapped again suggesting use.

    The focus ear pads are not the same size as one another, which cosmetically is disappointing and maybe audible? Could me an optical illusion as one pad has the seem between leather and velour at the edge of the face of the pad whilst on the other the velour wraps.over the edge. I'm not talking rotation as I know they are thick to thin back to front and appear to be positioned correctly.

    I'm thinking they appear to be a headphone that has been returned and resold. This worries me as I don't know if they were returned faulty, because of the earpad issues, or simply because they weren't liked. Or maybe they are refurbished. I'm not of a mind to go through the return because it's taken 2 weeks to get these shipped from the US, but I'll see.

    Not had much chance to listen to them so far as I got home late last night. First Impressions are nice but maybe a little thin. I'm using JH Angies all the time though so a different sound sig from a more expensive IEM. Left them burning in over night, but for all I know they already have more than 150 hours on them.
  11. WriterHead

    Mine are slightly asymmetric also. Very different from Angie. He400i more neutral, my angie's at 12 (bass setting) have a very noticeable midbass hump compared to the hifiman.
  12. zerolight

    I tend to run the bass on my Angies at 1 o'clock. I like that sound sig, though they could be wider in sound stage. I enjoyed my T51p before I sold them off. I was really taken with the bass from the Audeze EL8 (I'm not a bass head by the way). I hated the bass and mids in the Momentum 2 Wireless over ears.
    I think I am going to return these. It's not that they lack bass - I can hear the sub-bass well enough. There's just a thinness to these - a lack of body. I just can't see where I'd use these over my Angies, other than convenience.
  13. drwlf
    @zerolight well, that's crap.
    Do some testing to see if you can find any issues, and let your brain get accustomed to the planar sound. In general, the 400i has a rather thin sound.
  14. Music freak
    thin sound?  crap. please tell me more about it.  I was going to order them tomorrow.
    If they are thin sounding, then no way im buying them. 
  15. zerolight

    I'd put them in the same sort of range as Grado's. I used RS1i's for a year or so. Grado's had a thicker midrange, but their highs were a bit more piercing than the Hifiman. 
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