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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. Rudi64

    Are the velours pads not softer on the ear compaired to the focus semi leatherpads?
    Does these have a influence on the sound Quality?
  2. drwlf

    The pictured pads aren't official HiFiMAN pads.
    Pad-rolling changes the FR curve.
    http://www.head-fi.org/t/711824/hifiman-he-560-impressions-discussion-thread/17025#post_12886234 for example.
    There was a decent pad-rolling imgur gallery last year, with measurements for 400i methinks, I guess I forgot to save it.
  3. HungryPanda
    I tried the pleather pads and the sound change was not to my liking
  4. fumblingforward
    It's overkill I'm sure but has anyone driven their he-400i's balanced? It's just an odd curiosity. I'm toying with the idea of buying a jotenheim because of the on board phono stage.
  5. InsTwin
    I wouldn't describe it as uncontrolled, it's just a lot less precise in comparison to the HE400i, on the verge of being out of control but never quite losing it's grasp.
    If the HE400i is a surgical scalpel in the low end, the THX00 is like a chefs knife.  You can still make cuts, but a lot of the precision is lost.
  6. Mikko Peltonen

    My Jotunheim should arrive next week as well as all the parts for a balanced cable. I'll post my impressions then.
  7. HirschiAUT

    I am using Mine balanced with the AudioGD NFB-1 AMP and love the sound :)
  8. Mr Rick
    I'm using mine with a basic Jot and the Cavalli Liquid Carbon. it sounds great with both amps. Also using the Emotiva DC-1 as it is a balanced output DAC.
  9. peter123

    Yeah, I also run mine balanced pretty much all the time. In my main system with a pair of Nuforce HA-200 or portable with the Opus #1, Aune M1s and Infinity V2+.

    The HE400i does actually require about the same number on the volume on my Burson that the HD650 does to reach the same listening level......
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  10. pbarach
    Compared to Sennheiser HD600s, the midrange on the 400i sounds a little distorted to me. This is with any of the headphone amps I have available (Burson HA-160, Marantz HD-DAC1, the amp in a Marantz CD5004 player). I listen to classical music.
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  11. big45-70
    Its probably actually the recordings themselves,  the 400i's will pick up more detail then the HD600 including the distortion you never noticed before.
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  12. circlecrystal

    Not really. I've owned he400i before and owning hd600 currently.

    To my ear, under an average low-fi system, he400i has better airy tremble sweetness, better instruments separation, a faster speed. But hd600 has a more easy listening sound (less fatigue), also picking up more details (because he400i has some very apparent downslope in its FR, yet hd600 shows a very neutral accurate sound).

    So I think it's highly likely that, you are treating the artificially boosted tremble peak around 7khz as neutral, which results you to think the flat neutral hd600 sounds unnatural or has less detail. Additionally, it's likely that you've been listening to music not having that much details above 9khz, which results you not being able to compare he400i with hd600 at that range of frequency.

    To better show you what I'm saying, here are the measurements:



    As you can see, he400i does enhance some frequency a lot, but also weakens other frequency a lot. Those being enhanced are what made you think it's showing you more details, yet those weaken parts are those you are not being able to hear or notice before. On the other hand, hd600 does not enhance anything.

    I think both headphones are good under low-fi system, just hd600 becomes great once the system is above low-fi level. But you really have to hear it yourself, before understanding or agreeing with what I'm saying.

    The sound from a truly well set system on hd600 is not just gold --- it's diamond.

    I'm not saying your system is low-fi for other headphone, just that based on your impression, I think your system might not work well with hd600. Which is to say, your impression matched with mine on a low-fi system on hd600.

    So I would recommend you trying a better set (or even some much better set to give it a better shot), before judging hd600 so early.
  13. big45-70
    I hear more detail with a set of 400i's regardless of your lengthy post defending your purchase.  I was not judging any HP but merely giving an idea to a gentlemen that reported a problem.
  14. chowmein83
    Like others have said in this thread, I think the 400i sounds great in balanced mode. I use it this way regularly with the Cavalli Liquid Carbon, and I did use it with a Jotunheim when I owned that amp briefly. I actually think there's a rather noticeable difference when using the 400i in balanced mode vs. SE on the LC, though that may be just due to the amp itself.
  15. strawed
    I'm running mine balanced on a Jot.  It's my first balanced setup, and although it's not a dramatic difference from SE, I noticed worthwhile improvements in detail, separation, and sense of 'air' in my better recorded music.  It's an incremental step up, but enough so that I don't see myself ever going back to SE for non-portable listening.
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