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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. Nachash
    Thanks, so I just need one of those aftermarket pads after all so I can remove the ring. I still don't understand how much do hifiman charge for shipping
  2. drwlf

    Official velours are the cheapest with the intended removable ring.
    Try adding it to the cart?
  3. Rudi64
    Just bought a second hand HE-400I and loving it, just the clampforce seems a bit excessive, but 
    with a little bending its seems to stretch out a bit.
    Nice upgrade compared to my Senn HD600 anyway..
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  4. drwlf
    Good to hear!
    @dakanao seems to have gone the other way, towards HD650, any impressions vs. the 400i? :p
  5. dakanao
    Yes, the HD 650 arrived today. 
    I like the HD 650 definitely more than the HE-400i.
    The HD 650 has less treble, is A LOT smoother, but I wouldn't call them veiled in the slightest, Just very natural, extened, neutral treble,
    Mids are a bit more forward on the HD 650, and bass is quite similar, with the HE-400i having more impact and sub-bass.
  6. Nachash
    $10, if I only need the ring then it's better to go with the cheaper aftermarket ones. Unless one of those earpads are really good, are they?
  7. Rudi64
    Yes, i know..
    I bought his HE-400I..[​IMG]
    I find the bass has more definition and detail and is much tighter.
    The mids has something special, some clarity and are very open, although the mids
    of the HD600 are also very good...
    Just one thing i struggle with is the clampforce, put some books between the earcups
    and eveyday some little bending with 2 hands seems then to open a bit.
    But must say they look like new, it seems they are not very much used before so i give then some time.[​IMG] 
  8. InsTwin
    You need to buy the $10 velours for the rings alone.  Cheaper aftermarket off-brand pads don't come with the mounting rings.  You could also take the ring out of your stock pads if you don't mind not having those around in the future.
    I asked about buying the rings completely separate from pads and HiFiMan quoted me at $10+shipping with a request sent in to their support team.
    I love how tight the bass is on HE400i, I recently bought a THX00 and like how they sound, but the bass is just ever so on the verge of being out of control, in comparison to the HE400i it just feels all over the place.
    Slowly getting used to it however. :)
  9. mrs1986
    I thought the treble was harsh at first, it has smoothed out a lot since I got them, I'm just trying a little with an AK Jr i just bought and wow, the sound is great with the he400i, loud enough, and the sound is not harsh anymore, the highs are outstanding revealing now!
  10. Rudi64
    I'm glad you like the HD650 !
    Have fun with it..[​IMG] 
  11. Nachash
    The velours are out of stock, I was referring to this.. found on ebay:
    isn't that the ring?
  12. drwlf
    It is, but it *could* be glued, like the stock FocusPads are. Probably not though.
  13. drwlf
    I'd describe the bass a bit differently, HD650 having more impact/slam due to the dynamic drivers, mid-bass being a bit more pronounced, sub-bass a lot more rolled off + distortion kicks in.
    No comments on the veil :p
    peter123 likes this.
  14. drwlf
    Describe feeling all over the place? Uncontrolled?
  15. Nachash

    I'm guessing that some hot hair from an hairdryer would do the trick
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