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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. GirgleMirt
  2. circlecrystal

    audit: a systematic review or assessment of something.
    audited: systematically reviewed or assessed something.
  3. Mr Trev
    I have the X2 myself. They do have a goodly bump in the mid-bass that the 400i doesn't have. The 400i do take kindly to EQ so you can always fill out the sub-bass if you want (myself, I find a 5db low pass boost at 20db to work quite nicely - or just use the bass boost on my e12a if I too lazy to fire up my laptop). The 400i do have a great quality bass still - albeit a tad rolled off -  and I found that it took a bit of time for my brain to wrap itself around the sound of the planars anyways.
    That being said an amp upgrade could be worthwhile. I know with all the talk about being an easy drive, my HFM do eat up more power than any of my other phones. With my e12a, I'm almost at the point of need to use high gain. Along these lines, my P1 amp (hybrid) does make the 400i sing (the X2 as well). Don't know if its the tube, or the class A mosfets, but it helps bring out the best
  4. big45-70
    Is there any kind of cover that exists for the he400i grill that will temporarily changed them into a closed back?
  5. waflet

    Thank you for the suggestion! I may end up building my own now! That site has everything you need, but OMFG the interface for the site is bad :frowning2:.
    Now that I am including the possibility of building my cable I have a question.I know they are not set up this way from the factory, but would it work, or even be a good idea, to run both left & right signals to both 2.5mm plugs & use stereo female (the factory doesn't) plugs to pickup the left & right in each can? Done this way you will always get left channel to the left & still have the ability to use mono plugs if you like.
  6. waflet

    How temporary are talking about? Before putting any money or time into it, just put your palms very lightly over the grill, no seal needed. With just that they turn almost mono, the bass go very flat, & the highs become VERY forward. It just in general sounds weird to me...
  7. DavidA
    The design of the tube amp is what you need to consider, the HE-400i would pair better with a hybrid tube amp while the HD-650 and HD-800 are usually better paired with OTL tube amps.  Not very many amps will pair well with both planar and high impedance headphones like the HD-800, for you budget the Project Ember and Lyr2 are about the only 2 that I can think of.  If SS then the few possible amps would be Project Polaris, Liquid Carbon, G-109, and HA-501.
  8. big45-70

    I haven't tried this I never really considered the sound signature changing. I travel often and was just considering bringing these along instead of my 7506. Only thing is on a bus or plane there is just to much leakage.
  9. Brooko Contributor
    [Mod Comment]
    Hi all.  I see no issue with general comparisons of the HD650 (or any other headphone) in this thread - as long as it is being compared relative to the HE400i.  As soon as the conversation becomes about the HD650 (or other headphone) in isolation, it starts to branch off topic.

    Both the question and subsequent answers should be in the HD650 thread.
    If you are not requesting or making a comparison, and/or simply want specific information regarding another headphone - please take it to that headphone's specific thread [​IMG].  it means less flags, and less work for your Moderation team.  Thanks.
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  10. cbl117

    My apologies for disrupting the peace......
  11. mib91
    Any recommendation at sub $200 on that to pair with HE-400i? I can see Bravo V2/Ocean and Little Dot I+ but I'm wondering if any of them will be the best under $200.
  12. trivium911

    I personally have the little dot i+ and its a match made in heaven for the 400i. Currently enjoying the 6hm5 tubes, with the opa2107 amp, but looking to upgrade to either the burson v5i or v5 op amp in the future. The russian tubes and the ge jan series tubes im finding are a bit bright for the 400i which is why ive been mostly sticking with the 6hm5 tubes. The only complaint i have with the little dot is when plugged into my computers sound card line out (asus xonar d2) i get a really bad buzzing and static noise due to a ground loop, its unbearable. I ended up building my own minature isolation transformer to power the LD which just stays plugged into my computer power bar and only gets used when i use my computer. Im pretty sure its a inherit issue with all tube amps btw.
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  13. DavidA
    My friend used to have a LD1+ but she had changed the op-amps and it was not the stock tubes that I heard it with.  Didn't really do serious listening with HE-400i but it was quite good.  To me if you are going to roll tubes and change op-amps it might be easier to just get a Project Polaris (SS, $250) and its pretty good with a wide range of headphones and IMO is a better all around amp since you can change the output impedance to better match different headphones.  Tubes can also be a black hole so you should consider the price of tubes and op-amps if going with the LD1+.  The other amp that I like in your price range was the Aune T1 mk2 but its gone up a lot in price these days, the benefit is you get a tube DAC stage that you can add an amp later if you need more power and the tube that it uses is a little more common with a slightly larger variety in which to select from.
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  14. peter123

    I'm also very happy with the way the LD I+ and the HE400i pairs up. Personally I find the possibility to roll tubes and op amps to be a great advantage (and very fun) but as always ymmv.

    Personally I'd also be a bit concerned spending too much on a amplifier without a closed chassis. I've owned the Bravo V2, that also has an open design, for years and there's quite a bit of dust finding its way inside it and it's very hard to get it all removed.
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  15. waflet

    For travel I would recommend the Sony (you seem to like them anyway :wink: ) MDR-1000X. I don't own them, but I did get to demo them for quite a while. I got to use a Sony rep's personal set for about an hour. In Bluetooth mode they are the best sounding Bluetooth headphones I have heard. The active noise canceling is incredible. I couldn't hear the typical hiss I usually hear. They also have a neat feature of gesture control on the right can, ff, rw, play/pause, & noise canceling temporarily off so you can talk to people! The sound quality is not up to the 400i, but it doesn't let everyone else on the plane listen to your music with you... I have also listened to the Bose qc25 & the sennheiser momentum 2.0 wireless. I do prefer the sound & the noise cancelation of the sony over either of them. They wil just never be a replacement for the he-400i, just what you use in public instead of them.
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