Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
  1. Vartan
    I order one, HeadAmp is the best!
    $224 for HE-400i
    All Head-Fi members take 10% off any headphone at HeadAmp.com when you use promo code HEADFI10 (excludes STAX).
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    HeadAmp - All our HE400i stock is the newer type with 2.5mm TS plug connectors on both earcups.
  2. James Myers
    The requested pics of my cotton mod/  Pretty simple: tear up some cotton balls and put them in front of the drive.  Do a little experimenting and you can tune them to your personal preference.  I also tried felt and toilet paper in front of the drive, but nothing worked quite as well as the cotton balls.
  3. katzolik
    wow.. thats a lot cotton! looks like they would sound muffled ^^
    but its worth a try!
    is this your final setup?

    Other topic:

    Have these still the removable rings? or are they glued now to? 
  4. James Myers
    That's what I thought, but no, they don't sound muffled.  You may have to turn up your amp a tiny bit though. 
    I believe those are the pads I bought to remove the rings.  They were glued in, I just had to rip em out
  5. drwlf
    Removable, cheapest option.
  6. caecillius
    Has anyone tried 3D printing the earpad rings? I saw a design for it and wondered if it was any better than buying them, or at least faster/cheaper.
  7. Gimpinchair
    Hey guys, I've been enjoying my 400i's for about a year now. This was my first ever headphone purchase and I have an itch to try some closed-back headphones within a similar price range and sound signature. I realize there will be differences due the open nature of the 400i's, but I've done a little research and here are some HP's under consideration:

    (In no particular order)

    Oppo PM-3
    Meze 99
    Focal Spirit Classic
    Shure SRH1540
    Fostex TH610
    Final Audio Sonorous III

    My listening habits are a bit eclectic, e.g. Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funky 70's, R&B, and recently I've taken to listening to movie soundtracks. All help would be much appreciated.

    P.S. My only DAC/Amp is the Oppo HA-1
  8. 05stisilver
  9. WriterHead

    Oppo PM3 is the most similar to the HE400i
  10. pulse sound
    I would suggest Final Audio Sonorous 6, i havent try sonorous 8 yet but sonorous 6 is very impressive. fairly wide soundstage and sweet sweet mids and high. 
  11. Gimpinchair

    Nice, but about $400 over budget.
  12. tgaguirre
    Question about HE400s vs HE400i?
    I had a pair of HE400s headphones and I just got a new pair of HE400i headphones.
    My impressions are that then HE400i's are quite a bit harder to drive than the HE400s although they had a bit more bass but frankly I didn't find the sound signatures all that much different and I kinda like that fact that the HE400s are easier to drive.  The pads on the 400i's are nicer but otherwise they are similar headphones.
    Am I way off on this?  
    For those that have heard both, what are your impressions??
  13. pulse sound
    ohh, didnt realise it was so expensive now, i bought a second hand unit at quite low price :/ i would suggest oppo pm3 too. but the sound stage is a bit narrow imo. if the fostex 610 is similiar to their massdrop fostex x00 series, its a good choice too. 
  14. katzolik
    Do you guys have ever tested the HM5 angled sheepskin?
    Will they sound different to the HM5 angled Pleathers?

    Also is there even a comfort or longevity difference?
    are they stiffer or softer than the Pleather?

    A lot of question marks =D
    they are not a lot pricier here..
  15. drwlf
    are they a newer product? I can't recall sheepskin being an available product in the spring/summer at least, might be wrong though.
    The pleather stretches/can be worked a bit, which enables the installation to the official HiFiMAN ring, if the sheepskin doesn't, it might be a real pain in the ass/close to impossible to install them.

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